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December Favourites

December is passing by all too quickly but the South of France is still sunny, although getting cooler. The Christmas decorations are out in force and the fun fair is installed by the beach. I have also seen people swimming this week. I’m sure it’s one […]

Sunday Ramblings : Another Version Originale : The Theory Of Everything

On Friday I finally saw the Stephen Hawking biopic, The Theory of Everything, with the incredibly riveting Oscar-winning performance from Eddie Redmayne.  It was in Version Originale and the  French subtitles floated gently across the screen, with only about a quarter of the actual dialogue! The film is […]

Version Originale : The Imitation Game

Finally a few more movies are screening in Version Originale (VO) in my French village.  I’ve been waiting a while for another one to appear, so as soon as I saw there was a movie about the cracking of the Enigma Code, I was in. […]

Caveat to the Lure of the VO film: A Space Odyssey

Yesterday I thought I better grab the opportunity to go and see one of the other two movies in VO (Version Originale).  So as I previously mentioned in my last post, I knew nothing about Interstellar apart from the director, lead actor and the setting.  It’s […]

The lure of the VO film

I do miss a movie in English on the big screen when living in France. Call me old fashioned but there’s something about watching a movie in a constrained environment with strangers that I quite like along with the ritual of buying some unhealthy snacks […]