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Santa Maria Novella : My Favourite Floral Waters + Photos From The Florence Store

I adore the Santa Maria Novella (SMN) brand. It has a history to rival any competitor that likes to talk about its heritage credentials. SMN was established in Florence in 1221 by Dominican monks who grew herbs and flowers to make balms, pomades and medications for their […]

Happy Monday : Scent Of The Day : Seville à l’aube

Happy Monday. My Scent Of The Day is Seville à l’aube from L’Artisan Parfumeur.  It’s simply stunning. Watch out because this gorgeous blend of orange blossom, honey and incense will bewitch and entice. Find out my thoughts on this perfume by clicking here.  

My Scented Travel Memories

Here’s a link to a short piece (a couple of paragraphs!) I wrote about my favourite scented travel memory from the French Riviera for the website Scent Corner.  Scent Corner has a great premise that I think is a brilliant idea.  It promotes sustainable and ethically sourced […]