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May Day Muguet

This is a post that I had planned for earlier in the week but my house moving completely took over my life. There was a lot of physical labour involved from dawn to the early hours and a fair bit of angst over what to […]

Perfume Review : French Lily by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz : A Lily To Love

Have you been daydreaming recently and realised that while you may love a specific flower you don’t have a perfume to match? I like tiger lillies and buy them reasonably frequently. They have an endurance that surprises coupled with a gorgeous fragrance that permeates any […]

Happy May Day / Labour Day in France

The May Day / Labour Day celebration held today on May 1st in France is linked with the Muguet flower or Lily of the Valley, as it’s known in English.  The tradition goes back to the days of King Charles IX. It’s said that in […]