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La Fête du Mimosa

Last Sunday the streets of Sainte Maxime came alive with the yellow festive blooms of mimosa. This brightly coloured yellow plant was introduced to France via Australia by the British in the mid 19th century. The yellow blooms are a visual treat and provide much-needed colour […]

Mimosa Parade in Sainte Maxime

The rain began to make its presence felt two hours before the commencement of the annual mimosa celebration last month in Sainte Maxime. A little unfortunate perhaps but it didn’t deter anyone from getting outside to watch the spectacle. Mimosa is a brightly coloured yellow plant introduced from […]

Life in France : La Fête du Mimosa

Another French celebration occurred this week.  La Fête du Mimosa.  Well there’s not a lot of mimosa in evidence in our neck of the woods. There’s a scattering of flowers but not much of a presence as yet. Mimosa  is a yellow flowering plant, introduced from […]