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Life in France : La Bravade Sainte Maxime

Last week saw the celebration of Sainte Maxime in the village, alongside a public holiday for Ascension. Sainte Maxime lived sometime around 650 and 750 and devoted her life to religion. The colours of Sainte Maxime are pale blue and white, and flags coloured these shades were […]

French 101

Take a peek at my friend’s blog – Deux Pies. She writes about art, fashion, food, music, life and collectibles etc from a London / Provence perspective. Deux Pies has a great eye for what’s new and intriguing plus she writes like a pro. Like […]

Favourite French Things: La Poésie

Poetry plays quite a role in education in the early years at school in France.  My kids often come home with a poem they are required to learn by heart for homework (les devoirs).  It helps to build memory and concentration as well as verbal […]