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Fragrant Femmes : Interview with Mandy Aftel : Natural Perfumer Extraordinaire

I am truly honoured to feature an interview with Mandy Aftel, the renowned natural perfumer based in Berkeley, California. Aftel creates scented perfumes, teas, chef’s essences in addition to fragranced products for face, body and hair with enticing names that lure you in and make you want […]

Fragrant Femmes : An Interview With Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Once you’ve been a perfume fan for a while you may find yourself wanting to branch out to discover  independent, artisanal brands. These are the perfume houses that are often more about the perfume than the marketing. Not that there’s anything wrong with brands who are all about the […]

New Perfume Review : Rendezvous from DSH Perfumes

For a long time now I have wanted to smell the works of the American indie perfumers that light up the blogsphere. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz‘s (DSH) perfumes fall into this category. I have read so many favourable reviews of her perfumes and am really happy to […]