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New Perfume Review : Remarkable People from Etat Libre d’Orange : Dotty Happy Therapy

An edited version of this article previously appeared on Ca Fleure Bon written by Megan In Sainte Maxime. Etat Libre d’Orange (ELDO) have been releasing intriguing perfumes with provocative names since their inception nearly ten years ago. Etienne de Swardt, launched the brand with a punk […]

Happy Monday : Scent Of The Day : Seville à l’aube

Happy Monday. My Scent Of The Day is Seville à l’aube from L’Artisan Parfumeur.  It’s simply stunning. Watch out because this gorgeous blend of orange blossom, honey and incense will bewitch and entice. Find out my thoughts on this perfume by clicking here.  

Serge Lutens : His Thoughts On Sensuality

Serge Lutens on Sensuality “Posséder ou être possédé, c’est la seule définition que je puisse donner de l’érotisme. Plaisir, je ne sais pas, excitation, tension, obsession, jusqu’à accaparer le champ de la conscience et, certainement, effacer ce qu’une idée peut fixer en nous. Rien, sinon […]

Ads About Town : Dior’s Eau Sauvage with Alain Delon

Walking around the French village I live in, there are often a multitude of perfume billboards to be viewed.  I sometimes think this is overkill for such a small town and can’t imagine it’s a good use of the advertising budget.  However now that the tourist […]

Perfume News : Serge Lutens To Release 5 New Perfumes

I do have a soft spot for Serge Lutens perfumes and this is the first news from the house since Shiseido acquired the trademarks of the fragrances and cosmetics earlier this year. Shiseido intend to give the brand a lifestyle positioning and I assume will look to […]