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Perfume Review : L’Attesa from Masque Milano : The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I may have already told you about my crush on Masque Milano. Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi are creative directors, adept at bringing forth a swathe of creativity from their stellar line up of perfumers. They have slowly but surely built a formidable collection of perfumes.  My […]

Esxence 2016 : Day Three : The Long Goodbye

Now we’re onto the third day at Esxence but in reality I was only there for one full day and two half days. You can read about the perfume writing people I encountered, Day One and Day Two if you’re so inclined. There were many […]

Esxence 2016 Day 1 : It Takes Two Baby And More

Esxence is a perfume show extraordinaire in Milan that showcases established and new niche / luxury (or whatever you’d like to call this sector) fragrance houses and their collections over four days. Let’s look at the statistics so you can appreciate the scale of the show. […]

Esxence 2016 Update : Perfume Writing People

Hello perfume people. I thought I’d start out by showing these gorgeous flowers – iris of course at the Masque stand. This was one of my favourite places, they had a great space this year, but more to come on their new fragrance L’Attesa. And […]