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New Music Monday : Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia : Disco Dance Pop Perfection : Déjà Vu

Here’s a mix that you’ll want to get your ears on if you have 70’s Giorgio Moroder memories and also love Sia‘s swooping vocals. I’m definitely seeing strobe lights and hearing that addictively distinctive Moroder throb. Giorgio Moroder is an Italian music producer, and his upcoming album Déjà […]

Daft Punk : Unmasked By Xavier Veilhan

There’s a new exhibition in Paris, ‘Music’ that unmasks the notoriously camera shy Daft Punk – although they still wear shades. The works, modelled life like statues, by French artist Xavier Veilhan are created via 3D scans.  All of the statues in ‘Music‘ are music producers […]

15 French Tunes: A Playlist To Get You Humming

You’ve no doubt listened to Serge Gainsbourg – surely France’s best known and loved musician if not by the French then definitely by the rest of the world. However since moving to France I’ve wanted to get beyond the familiar tunes.  To stretch the musical repertoire […]