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Favourite French Things : Supermarket Specials : Bien-Être Colognes

French pharmacies are renowned for their array of practical, well packaged and nicely priced goods.  Brands such as Nuxe, Caudalie, La Roche Posay and Bioderma are on many shopping lists when visitors make a trip to France.  Less well known are the treasured finds that […]

Top 10 Favourite Winter Warm Up Perfumes

February is my least favourite month in France.  It’s cold and quite frankly a tad dull.  But to be fair the South of France is really nowhere near as cold as other parts of the world in winter and in fact it has the odd […]

Perfume Review : Volutes : Parisian Smoky Swirls

Sometimes perfumes that are centred on happy travel memories can bring a certain retrospective allure even if the fragrance will not in all reality make your top ten. Perfumes that are worn or purchased on a memorable journey will always hold a special place, as […]