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June 2015 Perfume News Update : Papillon’s Salome, Annick Goutal’s Absolus Collection And More

Here’s a short June Edition of current perfume releases and those about to launch that I’m a little excited about.  I won’t be writing about all of the releases to the market in these editions as quite frankly there are way too many to reference and […]

Perfume Review : Ambre Fétiche : My Lilac Wine

This is the extended version of my review of Ambre Fétiche that was recently posted at Ca Fleure Bon. Ambers are that rare sort of perfume that deliver the right mix of thrill, love, comfort and familiarity for me. I really feel that I’ve found my […]

Christmas Wishes …. and Which Perfume To Wear?

It’s nearly time to hunker down and revel in the Christmas spirit.  Hopefully you’ll be spending time with friends and family. I’ll be having a French Christmas where it goes without saying that there will be a lot of food that I’ve never tried before, which all […]