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Perfume News : March 2016 : New Releases That Have Me Hot Under The Collar

Hello perfume people. I haven’t written a monthly update on fragrance news for a while … but finally here’s one. There are a few perfumes that will be released or have already been sent into the world that have me hot under the collar.  Yes I’m interested […]

Frock Up Ladies : It’s The Oscars

First up, let’s hear it for Julianne Moore and Patricia Arquette who won Academy Awards last evening and a great speech made by Patricia on equal pay for women. Even though I haven’t seen their respective movies yet, I highly respect their acting abilities and […]

Savage Beauty : Alexander McQueen

Today is the fifth anniversary of Lee Alexander McQueen’s death.  At one time known as the enfant terrible of British fashion, he was a provocative and wildly creative fashion genius, who created soaringly beautifully clothes with a dark heart.  His fashion house carries on today with […]

John Galliano Is Back : At Martin Margiela

After a spectacular fall from grace, John Galliano has been working on his recovery and rehabilitation since he was filmed making an anti semitic ass of himself in 2011.  Dior promptly fired him and it really was a huge fall.  Galliano was a theatrically brilliant […]