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Sunday’s Random Thoughts

Sunday Ramblings : MTV Unplugged Nirvana : Can’t Believe It’s Been 20 Years ….

I can’t believe this album is 20 years old.  Knowing that old favourites have reached this milestone makes me feel a heightened awareness of the passage of time.  The MTV Unplugged in New York album from Nirvana album is my favourite from them.  It’s Nirvana […]

Sunday Ramblings : St Tropez Pre Christmas

I prefer St Tropez in the cooler months.  It’s a more pleasant time to visit than summer when the cruise ships arrive and the tiny village is so inundated with people you can barely move or breathe in its over heated crowded streets.  However it is a […]

Sunday Ramblings: Favourite November Tunes

Not everyone is a fan of Spotify and other music streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, particularly musicians.  Witness Taylor Swift removing her entire back catalogue recently from Spotify whilst  Radiohead’s Thom Yorke proclaimed it to be “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse.”  There are problems with […]