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What’s New In Music

New Music Monday : Tobias Jesso Jr : Goon

Fancy some angst ridden piano ballads? Well this Canadian is pounding them out on his debut album Goon,  released earlier this month. It makes me feel like I’m listening to the singer songwriters of the 70’s.  A great era for music especially through retro tinged nostalgia. […]

New Music Monday : Tame Impala : Let It Happen

I love Tame Impala – the Aussie rockers with a psychedelic bent.  Kevin Parker, the lead singer has been keeping busy on Mark Ronson‘s album Uptown Special, but the group is together again with the single ‘Let It Happen‘. It’s an epic track clocking in at just […]

New Music Monday : 2CELLOS : Celloverse

Did you learn an instrument when you were growing up?  I learnt the violin for ten years and pretty much loved every minute of it apart from the nerves I often got playing to an audience and for exams. Please  note I was never a […]

New Music Monday : Petite Noir : Chess

Here’s a cool slow groover from South African multi instrumentalist Petite Noir, real name Yannick Ilunga.  He has an incredible voice and this track showcases his falsetto, but actually his voice seems to rove everywhere. There’s a bit of an 80’s vibe here and you […]