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Happy New Year

Wishing all of my readers a very Happy New Year and a spectacular 2016. In my wildest dreams I would wish for a more peaceful year (although I know that veers to the realms of wishful thinking). I will also be posting my 2015 perfume […]

Merry Christmas : Joyeux Noël

Christmas greetings to readers all over the world who celebrate the occasion. Enjoy the time with family and friends. And if they’re not around – Skype is a saviour. Eat : Drink : Talk : Listen : Hug : Love : Play Music : Dance : Wear Your […]

Life in France : La Fête des Mères

Wishing all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day from France. We celebrated the day with three other mothers in the family. My children made hand crafted cards (one is the featured photo). They do this at school or else I may not be so lucky. I […]

Life in France : La Bravade Sainte Maxime

Last week saw the celebration of Sainte Maxime in the village, alongside a public holiday for Ascension. Sainte Maxime lived sometime around 650 and 750 and devoted her life to religion. The colours of Sainte Maxime are pale blue and white, and flags coloured these shades were […]

Happy May Day / Labour Day in France

The May Day / Labour Day celebration held today on May 1st in France is linked with the Muguet flower or Lily of the Valley, as it’s known in English.  The tradition goes back to the days of King Charles IX. It’s said that in […]