About Megan In Sainte Maxime


Musee Matisse - Nice

Musee Matisse – Nice

This blog captures my experiences experiences living in France as a New Zealander, and my current obsession which is perfume.  This may sound  strange if you’re not aware of the delight of learning to embrace the sense of smell, but surprisingly it isn’t as there are thousands of like minded perfume junkies all over the world that I discovered on the internet.

I also love pop culture – music, fashion, literature, film, good TV, art (and across all of these a healthy mix of high end to semi trashy).  I like a good party and a great night out. I like interesting people from all walks of life.  Love a great restaurant.  Like a good dress up and a new outfit.  I need to get out into nature to refresh my senses.  Travelling and being a tourist (in short bursts) are high up on my list of loves.  Have been known to have bouts of fitness madness eg Boot Camp, although these days I love a dance class and Spin. Love a best of list … and plan to create a few here.

In my pre France life I’ve been a Market Insight Manager, Future Planner, Research Consultant, Business Analyst, French deli owner, Radio DJ and a violin player with a Masters Degree In Applied Psychology thrown in to the mix. I’ve cut that list short but I could go on …. In France I’m still involved with insights, marketing, branding and communications and am looking to manage additional projects that merge my professional capabilities with perfume. Please contact me if you have any projects in mind. See my contact page for further details.

7 thoughts on “About Megan In Sainte Maxime”

  1. Hello Miss Paki, congrats on your blog (I love your template – which one is it??) Hope all is well in France and look forward to reading your posts. Stace x


    • Hi! Glad you’re loving the FN – it really is a beauty. And thanks so much for nominating me. I’ll get onto this tonight! Answer questions and nominate. Merci beaucoup x

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  2. Anne-Marie McNamara says:

    Salut Megan. I’ve only begun to read your blog (which is the second blog I have even consulted!!) and I am already
    But the most fun part is to have met you yesterday at our Yoga & French class. Looking forward to live-blogging !!!


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