Mood Scent 4 : Joyful Spritzing Fragrances

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Hello fragrant people and welcome to another episode of Mood Scent 4. For this session we’re featuring our favourite Joyful Spritzing fragrances. My scented partners are Portia at  A Bottled RoseL’Esperessence and I Scent You A Day. We are your selectors for perfumes for various occasions. 

Joyful Spritzing scents are an essential part of the fragrance selection and let’s face it at the moment we need more of these than we might like to admit. Even though it’s summer here in France, the weather is fantastic and blue skies are in abundance, there is still the lurking feeling that COVID is still haunting us, and it’s not just a feeling, it’s the reality we are all getting used to. We now wear masks inside public spaces eg shops, supermarkets etc, although at my new local boulangerie, from my non scientific observations, it seems that at least 20% of the clientele don’t seem to be bothered with wearing one. In some parts of France they’ve now closed beaches at night, although they haven’t don’t that here yet … 

For now I’m away in Sainte Maxime and I didn’t bring a huge selection of perfumes with me so these are my joyful spritzes of the fragrances that are literally in my travel bag. It’s a small yet selective collection and a few of them I mentioned in recent Mood Scent 4 editions so for today this is the edit.

So let’s start off with :

Paris-Riviera: Chanel : Olivier Polge: 2019

This fragrance is all about joyful summer spritzing. Paris-Riviera is part of the Les Eaux collection that is a solid contribution to the Chanel range. To me this perfume is perfect for summer days and nights in the French Riviera. It’s uncomplicated and summers are usually that way, no? Plenty of fresh air, sun and happy moments, admittedly though a lot of it is spent trying to cool down. There are fresh, floral and slightly bitter tones in Paris-Riviera. It dials in a carefree vibe with champagne sparkles and neroli before transitioning to a fluffy benzoin and sandalwood dry down. There are also hints of aromatic bitterness that weave in and out. Pure summer joy!

Rouge Sarây : Atelier Des Ors : Marie Salamagne : 2020

This is a fragrance that always brings a smile and is a new favourite of mine. I also worked on this scent so fair warning to let you know that I am totally biased and not subjective at all. The inspiration comes from the hospitality of the Middle East, where the sharing of dates is considered a sign of abundance. The fragrance pays homage to the intrepid travellers who traversed the deserts with their exotic wares. Along the way they refuelled so to speak at the caravanserai, a meeting place to seek shelter and to share food and drink in a respite from the journey.

Rouge Sarây is a densely rich fragrance with succulent plum and a date accord that I really adore. There’s also a touch of jasmine and heliotrope that sweetens the fragrance along with vanilla. Rouge Sarây has romantic undertones and the base with sandalwood and guaic wood provides desert heat and a sultry vibe. If you enjoy Lune Féline or Rose Omeyyade from the brand, I have a feeling that you’ll like this one too. Spray with abandon.

Vivacious : Hiram Green : 2020

This is a total joy of a perfume from Hiram Green with a great name too. I’m a big fan of Hiram’s work but I must confess when I heard his new fragrance was all about violet, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the one for me.. Well surprise, surprise, this is a perfume that brings joy and intensity to the fore.

Vivacious brings back memories of Guerlain classic L’Heure Bleu with a smidgen of Insolence, yet for me this is in a style that I’m more comfortable with and maybe this is because the fragrance has that discernable Hiram vibe that just calls my name. Yes there is violet and the classic carnation but also the magnificent orris and a rich and luscious amber dry down. It definitely tugs at the heartstrings of classics yet comes with a Hiram twist and a modern sensibility. Hiram crafts natural fragrances that make his work stand out and they always have a slightly otherworldly feel. This is definitely a joyful spritzing experience.

Now I’ll throw a scent in that while not exactly a spritzing experience it still is very much a joyful summer scent for me. In the South of France the sun is pretty much omnipresent right now, so you need to wear sunscreen practically 24/7. Usually I have a few on the go and this year I’m wearing the Nuxe version, as you can rely on this brand to do scent well. It’s the aroma of sweet orange, tiara and vanilla and is well done and not too overpowering as some sunscreens can be. 

Please make sure to read my fellow Mood Scent 4 group writers : Samantha on I Scent You A Day, Esperanza on L’Esperessence and Portia at A Bottled Rose for their take on today’s topic. 

Thank you so much for reading and do you have any fragrances that make you feel joy?

Notes : Cover Image Canva : Fragrance images from the brands.

Disclaimer : I provide services to Atelier Des Ors. Samples for Vivacious and Rouge Sarây are from the brands. Paris-Riviera was purchased.  

10 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Joyful Spritzing Fragrances”

  1. I love Vivacious too. Each wearing more and more. You know it took him about 8 years to finish it, shelving it on several occasions. And it has more materials in it than any other fragrance he has made. Lovely fragrance.


    • Hi Val ⚡️ Vivacious is a real grower I think and maybe a true classic in the making as well. It’s really lovely and feels quite polished as well. Does this rank in your favourite Hiram’s? xx


  2. Love your choices, Megan. The date and plum accord in Rouge Sarây sounds delicious! Didn’t know Nuxe has a sunscreen with their lovely scent. Have a wonderful Summer! 😎😃


    • Hello Esperanza. ⚡️ Yes I love Rouge Sarây and Nuxe in France have something for every occasion and a huge range of sunscreen products now. The pharmacy shelves in France are heaving with sunscreens. It’s a nice summer here. xxx


  3. You have completely sold Vivacious and Rouge Saray to me. Vivacious sounds exactly up my street. Orris, violet, glimpses of L’Heure Bleu? I am THERE. Also, as you know I just adore the Ateliers Des ors bottles with their gold flakes. My bottle of Iris Fauve is a real touch of luxury and the only reasons i didn’t include it is because I’ve featured it before in a recemt Moodscent post. Always a delight to work with you! Sam at iscentyouaday xx


    • Hello Sam 🌸 I’m pretty sure you will LOVE Vivacious as I think it’s right up your alley actually. I really love Rouge Sarây but I have a feeling that you may enjoy the other new release Blanc Polychrome a bit more. It’s just a hunch but … xxx


  4. OOOOOOH! Megan. Vivacious is calling my name hard, you may have tipped me over the edge into purchase territory.
    When Paris-Riviera came out I tried it and it wasn’t for me at that time. Now that you’ve given it a write up though I think I’ll go back and try it again.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia ⚡️Vivacious is really good. You should definitely try it and Val is a huge fan too. You know Paris-Riviera is not one that gets talked about in the Les Eaux line – Paris-Venise is actually my favourite but I’ve already written about it. What it does is really work well in the Riviera climate and for this reason I think they’ve done really well as it’s refreshing but with a small bite. xxx


      • GAH! I know. You and Val are temptresses Megan.
        Paris-Riviera is heftier and feels like it has more meat on its bones, eh? I will go back and try it.
        Portia xx


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