Mood Scent 4 : Virtual Holiday Fragrances

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Another episode of Mood Scent 4 is here and this time around we’re featuring Virtual Holiday fragrances. My scented partners are Portia who is now with A Bottled Rose, L’Esperessence and I Scent You A Day. We are your selectors for perfumes for various occasions.

While we are travelling a lot less currently, if at all … it’s time to put your head into dream mode and take a virtual trip. So put your VR headset on and let’s take a voyage in our dreams with the aid of a selection of perfumes to take us there.

Riviera Lazuli : Atelier Des Ors : Marie Salamagne: 2019 : A trip to the French Riviera

In the beautiful shaded blue bottles, Riviera Lazuli recreates the hues of the Mediterranean Sea. This is an aquatic scent with a woody feel and a smidgen of immortelle to spice things up just a little. Perhaps it skews a little more to the masculine side yet is perfectly wearable for a woman too. There is a fresh effect but also warmth to the fragrance so that it’s one that can easily take you beyond summer and into the cooler months as well. But for now let’s imagine that we’re on a boat in the French Riveira with the water gently skimming the sides. We’re reclining on deck catching the sun’s rays and perhaps we have a cocktail nearby. Pure bliss.

Bergamote Soleil : Atelier Cologne : Ralf Schwieger : 2016 : A trip to Lake Como, Italy

Let’s now take a trip to Italy and the shores of Lake Como with its amazing panoramic views coupled with picturesque villages and beautiful villas nestled on the water’s edge. Bergamote Soleil is an uncomplicated scent with a huge citrus burst that revives sunny holiday vibes. There’s lavender and a woody dry down but the bergamot blast is the best part. Even if you’re not a huge fan of citrus scents I recommend this as a bergamot spritz and go for summer in the spirited style that Atelier Cologne does oh so well. For a citrus cologne this fragrance also has surprisingly good longevity.

Teracotta Le Parfum : Guerlain : Thierry Wasser : 2014 : A trip to Tahiti

Another summery fragrance and this time it’s from Guerlain. Terracotta Le Parfum is summer in a bottle in a heady, narcotic style. This perfume blooms with tropical flowers, namely tiare, jasmine and ylang ylang. It has a sunny, bright disposition and never fails to make me feel like I should be on holiday in Tahiti surrounded by brightly colored flowers. Spritz Terracotta Le Parfum and be transported to heated sands, refreshing water and fragrant gardens. Terracotta Le Parfum not an overly complicated perfume, but it’s a tropical beach floral done well and without a massive price tag too.

Istanbul : Gallivant : Karine Chevallier : 2017 : A trip to Istanbul, Turkey

A perfume to inspire wanderlust and to take us on a trip to Istanbul. I wish I had visited this historical city in real life but unfortunately I haven’t so this is definitely a scent that I can smell and imagine the bustling streets and markets alongside the splendour of the Blue Mosque.

Istanbul is an amber styled fragrance with opoponax, tonka and vanilla with some spiciness from the cardamom. There are leathery facets, a hint of something smoky too and when I smell my skin 12 hours later the scent has a very sensual sandalwood and vanilla vibe. Think of Istanbul as a perfume for cooler evenings wrapped up in a blanket, dreaming of distant cities with all of the excitement that a new experience will bring.

Please make sure to read my fellow Mood Scent 4 group writers : Samantha on I Scent You A Day, Esperanza on L’Esperessence and Portia at A Bottled Rose for their take on today’s topic. 

Thank you so much for reading and let me know your Virtual Holiday fragrances.

Notes : Cover Image Canva : Fragrance images from the brand websites or sellers. 

Disclosure : Riviera Lazuli and Istanbul samples from the respective brands. Bergamot Soleil was a prize in a competition and Teracotta Le Parfum was purchased. Please note that I also provide services to Atelier Des Ors.

7 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Virtual Holiday Fragrances”

  1. Heya Megan,
    I loved Riviera Lazuli and have used up most of my decant.
    There’s a bottle of Guerlain Terracotta here too. Isn’t the bottle gorgeous, aside from the lovely scent.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia – so glad you like the Lazuli too and the Terracotta. We’ve just had a long weekend but really already feel like another holiday even if it’s an extra day! Xxx


  2. Loved your picks, Megan. Going to spritz some Terracota this evening and imagine I am in Tahiti. Gallivant Istanbul sounds wonderful too. Xx


  3. Great choices as always Megan. I particularly love the whole Atelier Des Ors Riviera range. My bottle of Pomelo Riviera was only left out because I used it in the last Moodscent post! I just love it. The Atelier Cologne is fabulous with great lasting power. I don’t think I’ve tried Terracotta, but hurrah for Gallivant Istanbul. There’s not one Gallivant fragrance I don’t love! xx


  4. Beautiful choices, Megan. Anything that’s big on citrus would put me in a make-believe holiday mood.


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