Mood Scent 4 : Festive Event Fragrances

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Welcome to another edition of Mood Scent 4, where the fragrant team of Megan In Sainte MaximeAustralian Perfume Junkies, L’Esperessence and I Scent You A Day are your selectors for perfumes for various occasions. This time around we are focusing on FESTIVE EVENT FRAGRANCES.

There are various festivals and times of celebration unique to each culture around the world. In my part of the world Christmas is a occasion that many people celebrate. In December there are office end of year parties, catch ups and it can all get a tad messy. It is a season for reflection upon the year that’s passed and a time when families or those important to you gather and spend time together. I have my own family now but am very far away (geographically) from my birth family and so I always see this season as somewhat bittersweet. Of course there are a multitude of messaging apps now, so contact is frequent but it is never quite the same. There’s nothing like being in the same room with those we love.

So without further ado here are five perfumes or scents that will give you that festive feel, and as Christmas is approaching I feel that these scents are suitable for this celebration. Saying that, they may also apply to other festive events around the world too.

1) Like This :  Etat Libre D’Orange : Mathilde Bijaoui : 2010 

Like This from Etat Libre D’Orange is flecked with a warm hue and autumnal colours in abundance. Tilda Swinton (an actress I enjoy watching) was the creative director of the perfume and these lovely lines by poet Rumi influenced her: 

If anyone wants to know what “spirit” is

or what “God’s fragrance” means

Lean your head towards him or her.

Keep your face there close.

Like this.

Wearing this fragrance instantly envelops you in a state of warmth and comfort. Americans may associate this as more of a Thanksgiving style perfume but for me it has all the hallmarks of a festive Christmas scent too. There is the unmistakeable allure of immortelle and ginger, accompanied by an infusion of pumpkin and neroli. I suppose it’s a little foodie and does have a gourmand sweetness but not in an overt way. I think the fact that Tilda has her hand in this fragrance makes me like it even more. You can watch Tilda with David Bowie in The Stars (Are Out Tonight). 

2) Fille en Aiguilles : Serge Lutens : Christopher Sheldrake : 2009

I have mentioned this fragrance absolutely aeons ago here on this blog and my thoughts haven’t changed on this one. To quote myself …

“A brilliant companion for swanning around in the vicinity of the Xmas tree. This pine and incense scent with a spoonful of Luten’s signature stewed fruit really seems like the perfect fit for Xmas Day.”

Fille en Aiguilles is an indoors / outdoors fragrance as the pine makes it feel like it’s perfect for a crisp, winter walk but the stewed fruit mix makes me think of sweet Christmas mince pies with a steaming, hot cup of tea. 

3) Bombay Bling : Neela Vermeire Creations : Bertrand Duchaufour : 2011

I know I’m repeating myself here as well as I’ve already written about this fragrance but it really speaks to me as a festive scent. The delicious blast of juicy, ripe mango is an instant mood booster and if you are looking for a scent that works well all year round then this it. Bombay Bling feels like pure joy and has been an accompaniment to many happy moments in the Christmas season. By the way if mango seems like a note that you might not like in a perfume then try this as it might make you rethink this notion. Plus the sandalwood dry down is absolutely stunning.

4) Au Crépuscule de Lavande : DSH Perfumes : Dawn Spencer Hurwitz : 2019

This is a new sample from DSH Perfumes and I’m absolutely loving it. Crépuscule de Lavande fits perfectly into the festive fragrance category as well as being a beautiful cooler weather scent. This is most definitely a lush, comfort fragrance with a myriad of ingredients but for me the immortelle (a note I adore), lavender and an ambered tobacco stand out. This is a perfume to take you through the day and night and even if you are not a huge fan of lavender, the way it is expressed in this fragrance makes it a darker, more exotic character. Another excellent perfume from the prolific and talented Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

5) Pomander Candle : Diptyque

This Diptyque candle softly scents the room with an overt wintery, festive fragrance. Diptyque candles are not generally known for their huge throw and Pomander is not one of the strongest in the collection. It is however exceptionally Christmas like with an orange, clove and spicy feel. If you imagine an orange pierced by cloves and spices this is what it would smell like, albeit with a  waxy sheen and less orange peel. If you have a vin chaud in your hand while Pomander is burning, then you have the perfect cocooning blend.

Please make sure to read my fellow Mood Scent 4 group writers : Samantha on I Scent You A Day, Esperanza on L’Esperessence and Portia at Australian Perfume Junkies for their take on today’s topic.

Signing out, I would also like to pay tribute on this post to Gaia Fishler aka The Non Blonde whose writings on fragrance, beauty, art and culture inspired so many people. Her evocative words truly painted a beautiful fragrance world and her style really resonated.  Most of the bloggers I followed when my fragrance passion was ignited no longer write, they’ve moved onto other things or bemoaned the direction away from authentic reviews. I’m sure there are many of us who will greatly miss her blog. RIP Gaia.  

Life is short people. Hold those you love close and as her husband said on the final post on her blog – make sure you get a medical check up if you haven’t had one in a while. 

Notes : Images : Cover from Canva, Pomander candle by Megan In Sainte Maxime. 

9 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Festive Event Fragrances”

  1. WOW Megan,
    Seriously cool selection. I think Fille en Aiguilles is on my list to wear this season too and Jin ALWAYS gets his Bombay Bling on.
    What a total shit about Gaia. Bummed.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia 👍🏽 I wore Fille en Aiguilles all weekend to get me in the mood! I never met Gaia but it was a shock to read about her death and I loved her blog. Will read yours now! 💙


      • How did your getting in the mood wearing of Fille en Aiguilles go? Did it hit the spot?
        Read Gaia for years but only met her once on a big perfumista day out in NYC. She seemed as genuinely warm as you’d expect and all the frag peeps treated her like the Queen of them all.


  2. Hi Megan, I always love reading your choices as they are so original and usually contain a mixture of some I know and some I don’t, which is perfect. I know and Love Fille en Aiguilles. Great choice. Good call also to include a candle. I had a Parks Gingerbread one a few years back and it was the best candle ever!

    Absolutely tragic about Gaia and how lovely of you to pay tribute. Neither of us met her, but as perfume bloggers, it feels like we lost one of the tribe. May she rest in peace.


    • Hi Sam. Loved reading yours too and so sad about Gaia. She was one of the perfume blogging pioneers. When I saw the notification on Twitter I thought the title meant that she was retiring from blogging, so it was quite a shock. xx PS We should have a Mood Scent 4 meet up one day too.


  3. Hi Megan, lovely choices especially the Fille en Aiguilles. We both included Bombay Bling. Must try Pomander, Burning Oliban by Diptyque right now 😉 Very thoughtful of you to include a tribute to Gaia, what a shock. Never met her either but I enjoyed her posts. My thoughts are with her family and husband.


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