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Welcome to another edition of Mood Scent 4, where the fragrant team of Megan In Sainte MaximeAustralian Perfume Junkies, L’Esperessence and I Scent You A Day are your selectors for perfumes for various occasions. Today we are all about our INNER TEEN perfumes. Firstly I will say that this topic has made me take a small trip down memory lane and think about the perfumes worn as a teenager. The teenage years are such a hotbed of growth from 13 – 19, that there is a huge variation in the types of scents you’re attracted to in this timeframe.

For this piece, what I’ve done is to note some of the perfumes that I did actually wear as a teenager alongside some that now bring out inner teen memories.

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Opium Megan In Sainte Maxime

Opium :  Yves Saint Laurent: Jean Amic, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Raymond Chaillan : 1977 

This was the first perfume gift I received from my boyfriend when I was 17 and even though it’s such a strong, sultry perfume (well it was back then anyway), this sure does bring back memories.

Opium has pedigree, there was the incredible bottle, advertising and the highly controversial name. It’s a tour de force spicy fragrance with panache and it made me feel more confident and womanly than what was the case.  Back then I had no clue about accords and notes in a perfume but this was a stiletto va va voom scent and liked how it made me feel. Designer perfume is rather tame these days in comparison. Recently I  I visited an Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in Nice that had an excellent section on Opium with sketches from the man himself of the bottle. Saint Laurent was totally hands on in the development of the fragrance. It has tempted me to buy a current version or at least to sniff it more frequently in-store.

Today the new Black Opium is heavily marketed to teens and 20 year olds and seems much more appropriate in this respect than the original.

PS Jerry Hall looks so young and gorgeous here in the advertisement. Who would have predicted back then that she’d end up with Rupert Murdoch …

Jasmin et Cigarette : Etat Libre d’Orange : Antone Maisondieu : 2006

Jasmin et Cigarette is a slightly uncomfortable, off kilter perfume. It seems to work, then it doesn’t. This is pretty much how you feel as a teenager, when you’re trying to find your way but often you’re not really sure exactly what or where that way is.

This scent takes me back to so many smoky student bars when you’d come home reeking of cigarettes even when you didn’t smoke yourself. It reminds me of university and all of the late nights studying and the boozy house parties in the weekend. I don’t love this perfume but it is very evocative and the smokiness is more reminiscent of an ashtray filled with cigarette butts than a classic tobacco scent. Jasmin et Cigarette definitely conjures the inner teen anguish I think most of us went through.

Y06-S : Blackbird perfume : Nicole Miller : 2017

YO6-S definitely brings out the inner teen in me. It’s like Bow Wow Wow‘s I Want Candy, except this time it’s banana radioactive candy with jasmine and a fuzzy edge that represents electronics. It’s sort of weird and wonderful and pretty much how you feel as a teenager when you’re thinking that life has so much in store and you can’t wait to be an adult.


Giorgio : Giorgio Beverly Hills : M.L. Quince, Francis Camail and Harry Cuttle : 1981

My mother had this on her dressing table when I was a teenager and it felt so grown up and decadent that it was stealthily sprayed when she was out. This is a powerful scent and made of strong stuff. Think of it as a full throttle tuberose on steroids. These days it’s the sort of scent that you can imagine they sprayed on the Dynasty set with Joan Collins vamping the hell out of it. Giorgio was so strong that it was apparently banned in restaurants in Los Angeles when it was at its peak. Anyway it seemed all so glamorous back in the day and definitely takes me back to the teenager years.

 White Musk (perfume oil)  : The Body Shop : 1981

It was a very happy day when The Body Shop was discovered as a teenager on a trip to London. White Musk was a true scent obsession as it was the only perfume I had at the time and was in a rather small size so it ran out rather quickly. It was an easy to wear musk that had a slight grit to it. I have no idea if it now smells the same but it was uber popular and cheap as chips too. Tea Rose and Dewberry were also in the rotation but I went through White Musk the most frequently. Ah teenage dreams!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of Mood Scent 4 and let us know your favourite INNER TEEN scents too.

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Notes : Featured Image from Canva, Opium advertising from a book entitled Parfums Shop 8 L’Univers Beauté 1989

10 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Inner Teen Fragrances”

  1. MMKinPA says:

    I graduated high school in 1985. I don’t have strong perfume memories but I remember having a bottle of Vanderbilt, and also Anais Anais. I also had a collection of mini bottles of 4711 that I acquired on a youth orchestra trip to Europe.


    • Hello – Anais Anais was big in the 80s and I loved the sound of the name too. So French and exotic. 4711 is a great memory – it is a true classic. ✨


  2. Heya Megan,
    Opium, Giorgio and Jasmin et Cigarette are PERFECT inner teen choices.
    OMG! Mum used to use Giorgio as her in car spritz if she felt her fragrance was loosing its oomph. Our school uniforms would be dry cleaned by the fumes in minutes.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia – that’s funny about your Mum – I hope she rolled the windows down as that scent is so potent. I’m pretty sure my Mum thought she was getting some LA glamour with this one … and me too. 😉 xxx


  3. Hi Megan, Giorgio, Opium and White Musk are wonderful choices! Love the Jasmine and Cigarette too and your memories of it of student house parties. Mine would be more like Jasmine Cigarettes and Weed, having fellow roommates who smoked weed all day embellishing our kitchen/living room with it fragrance. Your article surely brings back a lot of memories! Loved the Jerry Hall photograph you included. Yes who would have thought she would end up with Rupert Murdock. XxEsperanza


    • Hi Esperanza – yeah loads of weed too at the house parties as well as the smoke. 😉 maybe I should have included a marijuana perfume – there seem to be a lot these days! Xxx


  4. Hi Megan,

    I absolutely LOVE your choices! I also associate cigarette smoke with uni days. I find it shocking now that restaurants would have ashtrays on the tables. We were watching JAWS the other day and the mayor was smoking on a hospital ward! So dated now. Opium was so extravagant and although many prefer the old one, the new one more than holds its own. Black Opium is too sweet for me, but it bring a lot of new fans a-flocking to YSL.

    I can’t think what Jerry Hall sees in the elderly multi billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Such a mystery!

    By the way- we twinned on White Musk! yay!



    • Hi Sam – yes we twinned. And yes so much smoke at uni. They used to smoke on planes too – now that is gross as you can’t escape. Black Opium is a best seller so they have hit the zeitgeist again I believe even though it’s not really for me but I have smelt it on others and it works really well. Xx


  5. A wonderful take on this theme, Megan. I can so relate, especially The Body Shop. And big thanks for the Bow Wow Wow vid. Whatever happened to Annabella?

    Liked by 1 person

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