Mood Scent 4 : Midseason Magic Perfumes

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Mood Scent 4 where my fragrant friends from around the globe select perfumes for various moods and occasions.

Today’s topic is ‘midseason magic’ perfumes. Midseason refers to the magical spring and autumn seasons, where weather conditions are varied and changeable. These are favourite times of year for many as they lack the full blown intensity of summer and winter.  The red, orange and yellow coloured leaves and mulchy rain in autumn, and the promise of new beginnings and life in spring are the in-betweeners if you will.  The midseasons provide a great opportunity to change up your scents so here’s a run down of a few fragrances that are well suited to these seasons.

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Shangri La : Hiram Green : 2014 

This stunning fragrance is in the chypre style, of which Guerlain’s Mitsouko is a perfumista favourite. Now if like me you find that Mitsouko  is not your cup of tea, then you may instead swoon over Shangri La from the talented Hiram Green.  This is a natural perfume that took me by surprise as I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it from the description. The fragrance has that mossy feel but is also plump and dreamy with classic florals, peaches and a touch of spice. It has a special touch of old school glamour and the atmospheric soft crooning of Lana Del Rey.

Unfortunately it has been discontinued (sad face) so I wasn’t sure whether to include it here, but it is a fragrance that I seek out in autumn and maybe you will be able to track it down. Hiram stopped making Shangri La due to IFRA restrictions on the use of oakmoss in fragrances sold in the EU. If you have this baby, hold onto it. I am keeping mine close. It also serves as a reminder that if you really love a fragrance then do buy it, as sometimes they are not around for long.

Precious Woods : April Aromatics : Tanja Bochnig : 2012

Precious Woods is as the name suggests, a fragrance with woods to the fore including sandalwood, pine and cedar wood. This scent conjures late afternoon sun streaming through a dense forest after rainfall.  The beams glisten on the trees with a wonderful stillness and clarity that calms the mind. There is also the most divine boozy patchouli in here too so if you are drawn to this combination worked to perfection then this is definitely a scent to try. I adore April Aromatics  perfumes and Precious Woods is perfect on its own but it also  blends well with other fragrances to give them a boost.

Blade Runner Iris Silver Mist Megan In Sainte Maxime

Iris Silver Mist : Serge Lutens  : Maurice Roucel : 1994 

Iris Silver Mist has a futuristic Tears in the Rain, Blade Runner feel and even though the scent is 25 years old it still feels modern and manages to stand apart from other iris fragrances.   A cooling perfume with a deliciously metallic and rooty iris, it takes things down a notch with a serenity that appeals. You may catch a whiff of incense in here too. This is one of the stand out perfumes in the Serge Lutens range and a perfect accompaniment to rainy spring and autumn days, preferably spent indoors.

Gardener’s Glove : St Clair Scents : Diane St Clair : 2018

Diane St Clair has a farm in Vermont and as well as creating perfumes makes artisanal dairy products including butter that makes its way to top restaurants including The French Laundry. Gardener’s Glove was a finalist in the artisan category at the Art & Olfaction Awards this year and is a truly evocative fragrance. Think of a roughened leather gardening glove covered with earth and the scent of delectable flowers. The fragrance has a green, outdoorsy feel and makes me reminisce of the transition from winter to spring when anticipation and wonder are in the air. There’s a sense of poetry and tradition in the St Clair Scents and Gardener’s Glove is one of the stand outs in the range.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of Mood Scent 4 and let us know your favourite midseason scents too. Remember to click through to I Scent You A Day, L’Esperessence and Australian Perfume Junkies.

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11 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Midseason Magic Perfumes”

  1. Wonderful choices, Megan. Love the photograph of Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner. I always associate Precious Woods with winter, interesting you include it as a Autumn scent, love AA fragrances too! Must try Gardeners Glove. 🧡🍁✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello there. I think Precious Woods is quite wintery too, TBH but also great for autumn too. Gardener’s Glove is really evocative and definitely worth a try. xx Megan


  2. OH NO Megan,
    What a bummer that Shangri La got the axe. Such a fabulous name for a perfume.
    Iris Silver Mist is a long time love made even more personal because my mate Anna Maria once said in the Palais Royal shop IRISH Silver Mist. We all lost it and have never let her forget it (lovingly). Now whenever I spritz it from my very elegant Serge Travel it brings a happy smile to my face.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia. I know a bummer about Shangri La and to be honest I only found that out when I went to look on the Hiram Green website. Haha that’s a good story about the Serges store. Perfumes bought away on trips are always good though because you have a nice tale around them. It’s not quite the same on the internet right? Not so special. Megan ✨✨


  3. Hi Megan! sorry about that, WordPress and I were having words! I love your pictures and your choices. You’re tempting me with Shangri-la and then boom! you go and tell me it’s discontinued. You’re mean, lady! 😉 but then, I start reading about Precious Woods and get all tempted again. I have a sample of Gardener’s Glove. I love what Diane St Clair is doing over on her Montana farm. Once again, a joy to write with you friend! I’m so glad we’re going monthly! xxxx


    • Hi Sam. Yes monthly is better I think and you have all of those great ideas too.

      I actually didn’t know Shangri La was discontinued until I looked at Hiram’s website. I was a little upset about that as it is a really lovely perfume and now I will have to cherish each drop.

      St Clair is new to me – well I have the samples and they are on my list to write about. Her farm life sounds really interesting and totally artisanal and creative. xxx over to Wales.


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