Happy Easter / Joyeuses Pâques

Holidays, Life in France

A quick hello to wish you all a Happy Easter.✨

I do hope you have done a few nice things with family / friends or have been in hibernation mode recovering from the stresses of life. Whatever takes your fancy. It’s been great to experience a few quiet days, although saying that there has been a bit of work on the schedule today, so I’m not sure it feels like a holiday exactly.

A highlight of this Easter has been my reacquaintance with hot cross buns and consequently have devoured far too many of them. For those of you who haven’t come across these before, they are a spiced soft bun with a cross on the top. They are really not that special but for some reason they are a cultural sensory connector to home (New Zealand) and thanks to Geoffrey’s of London in Antibes I ended up buying three packs of six. They have probably not been the best for the ever-expanding waistline, plus they’ve been eaten in combination with boozy chocolates from a work trip to Lithuania last week.

Anyway, enjoy the last few hours of the holiday and hope you have a great week.