Mood Scent 4 : Guilty Pleasures

Mood Scent 4

It is with great pleasure that I am writing again and that we are back with Mood Scent 4. Our last session as a group was back in October, so voilà here we go again. We also have some changes to announce. Tara from A Bottled Rose has farewelled us and we are very sad to see her go. We do have a new partner to announce (cue drum roll) and here’s to a huge welcome to Portia from 💥 Australian Perfume Junkies 💥 who is now joining us. I’m sure that many of you are acquainted with APJ, such an incredibly  informative site. Portia keeps up a breakneck pace that I have to say I look at in awe.

So let’s crack onto our topic. It’s Guilty Pleasures of the fragrant variety and I’m assuming that we may all interpret this slightly differently. I’m going with scented things I enjoy but for some reason they’re either really expensive, not in vogue anymore or they’re not considered as good as the original. So without further ado let’s crack on. Please follow my other fellow Mood Scent 4 group writers : Samantha on I Scent You A Day, Esperanza on L’Esperessence and of course Portia at Australian Perfume Junkies.

Guilty Pleasure 1 : Angel (EDP) : Thierry Mugler : Olivier Cresp, Yves de Chirin : 1992 

Immediately this came to mind for my first Guilty Pleasure. Angel to many is bombastic, with no subtlety to speak of. I think if you wore Angel when it came out in the 90’s it really pigeon holes the scent as being from a certain era. I only discovered it in the past few years and so have no real strong associations to the 90’s.

What I do know is that this is an extremely influential perfume that really started a trend for gourmand sweetness with the addition of the candy floss like ethyl maltol. This sweetness paired with fruits and patchouli is a punchy number and the original fruitchouli if you will.

If I’m honest I do think this perfume is probably a little too powerful, to the point where I don’t actually wear it outside of the house. One reason is because of its strength but the other is that I’m not sure I want people to smell me wearing it. In some respects I may come across like a perfume snob on this one, as even though I love it in private there is there’s a voice saying that it could also veer over into the slightly tacky side. It can feel like Lady Gaga drilling into your head when you don’t want her to be there (unless she’s singing Shallow).

So when do I wear Angel? Well my preferred time to wear this is in bed, with a tiny spray on my pillow. For some reason I find it really relaxing and soothing (which I know may seem like an oxymoron) and it sends me to sleep.

Guilty Pleasure 2 : Eau de Cerise : DSH Perfumes : Dawn Spencer Hurwitz : 2018

Until Tom Ford put cherry scents on the map again, these always felt a little youthful, as if they were not age appropriate (I know that entire notion is quite ridiculous BTW). The scent of most cherry themed perfumes is undeniably syrup like and very sweet. Plus there are associations with losing your virginity that Ford references with his Lost Cherry. For a pop culture reference you can’t go past Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks and her special cherry tying abilities or Cherry Bomb from The Runaways.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz‘s Eau de Cerise is a black cherry floral oriental and comes on like a boozy liqueur and I’m a sucker for anything alcoholic in a fragrance. This smells less musky than Serge Luten’s Rahat Loukhoum and not as full-bodied as Lost Cherry.  Eau de Cerise is very, very addictive. I’ve nearly finished my sample and am contemplating making a purchase.

Guilty Pleasure 3 : Jardin Nocturne : Shalini : Maurice Roucel : 2017

Now this beautiful perfume is a guilty pleasure, primarily due to its price and the feeling that I mustn’t use my sample too frequently. A 50ml bottle is priced at around $500 US so this is a spendy scent. Jardin Nocturne is however rather gorgeous. It’s a warm jasmine, much darker than Shalini, the original in the line and a bright, very radiant white floral. Jardin Nocturne has a gorgeous whiff of sandalwood and oud that smells natural, yet not pungent. Saffron is also a star and here smells divine and not overpowering. I guess it’s the way this is blended as often saffron can make me feel queasy in a perfume so it’s one of those notes that I’m wary of. The fragrance is intended to evoke Dubai’s warm air and even though I’ve never visited this city in the United Arab Emirates it’s a scentscape that now seems far more appealing.

Guilty Pleasure 4 : Shalimar Parfum Initial : Guerlain : Thierry Wasser : 2011 

I do love Shalimar of course and what we have here is the easy wearing sister, now sadly discontinued. I say Shalimar Parfum Initial (SPI) is a Guilty Pleasure as I really feel like I’m being disloyal to Shalimar, one of my first perfume loves. SPI is a gourmand version that doesn’t closely resemble the original but there are shared materials between the two, albeit worked very differently. Here the twinkling slivers of iris and a delectable concoction of tonka, vanilla and caramel take things up a notch.

SIP  is my favourite Shalimar flanker and even though I bow down to the original Queen Bee, I don’t reach for it as much as I used to. I’m not really sure why, to be honest. Shalimar now seems to be reserved for special occasions, whereas the Parfum Initial gets spritzed more regularly.

Guilty Pleasure 5 : Potato Chips! 


OK I know this is not a perfume.  It’s more like confession time. I have been addicted to potato crisps for a long time and have got to the point where I am trying to purge them for the sake of my waistline. That salty mix really gets me and if when it’s apero time,  I want these as an accompaniment rather than healthy snacks. My favourites are the cracked pepper variety as well as various chilli mixes. And yes I do like salty perfumes too.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to visit my Mood Scent 4 compatriots : I Scent You A Day,   L’Esperessence and Australian Perfume Junkies.

Please also share your fragrant guilty pleasures if you’re  up for it.

Images : Cover by Megan In Sainte Maxime //  Perfume photos from the brands : Advertising images from Pinterest. 

14 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Great choices, Megan. Interesting what you say about feeling guilty wearing Shalini as it is so expensive, hadn’t thought about that reason for not wearing a perfume. Love your first photograph. Must try Eau de Cerise!


    • Hello ✨ I know it’s weird as I might not feel that way if I had a whole bottle, but as it’s a sample I feel like it needs to last forever. Sweet treats are definitely a guilty pleasure and one of my sons also likes them, thus the visits to this cupcake cafe. I however am having to make ‘lifestyle’ changes currently so am not exactly cutting them out, but definitely reducing them. xx


  2. O M G! CHIPS!! My absolute favourite and my downfall Megan, what a sensational addition to round out your Guilty Pleasures.
    That Shalimar PI is so good. I’m 100% with you, even though it annoyed me when I first bought it there is now a very special place in my heart for it.
    Portia xx


    • Hello Portia ✨ Chips and wine / gin are one of my favourite combinations. Maybe there’s a perfume in that! I know you LOVE Shalimar original and now that I’m wearing the PI a lot, there’s a sense of betrayal. I’m sure I’ll have another full on Shalimar phase though. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I love Shalimar too but sometimes the flankers are exactly what we need.
        HA! Chips and booze! Heavenly. Surely by Kilian has hit that in his latest line up?
        Portia xx


  3. I’m loving reading about the guilty pleasures of all four of you! So glad APJ and Portia are part of the project! I would say that my guilty pleasure is discovery sets and coffrets. When I think of the price/ml, I wince a bit. But I just love the variety in each set, and the chance to sample multiple fragrances from the same house. I wish every line had its own discovery set! And I love the miniature bottles that come in coffrets, they’re so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello ✨ Thanks so much for popping by and commenting too. Discovery sets are brilliant I agree and such a good way to get to know a fragrance house. And doubly important if you don’t live near any perfume stores.. Enjoy your fragrances ✨😘

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The last guilty pleasure is had was 3 sprays of Salome and then going to work with it. I scented the whole room. Lucky we Germans are not very scentophobic!


    • Hello – nice to have you here ✨ oh my goodness that is a huge perfume. Well done! I’m not sure if I could pull that off at work. I did wear it with a friend once and she wasn’t impressed 😉


  5. Sorry I’m late. I had real trouble with WordPress not letting me comment. I think I’ve cracked it now. I love this post Megan. I feel the same about Angel (albeit the EDT). I think its popularity and rampant oversprayers put me off, but when I sniff it at home wihtou the noise, it’s a work of genius. As for Dawn’s Eau de Cerise- I couldn’t agree more. It’s smells more like cherries than cherries do, but with a touch of blossom too. Divine! Also- I preferred Shailmar Parfum Initial to the original Shalimar. Pity it was so short lived! Wonderful piece. Looking forward to the next

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Sam. ❤️ I know Angel is such a great fragrance but preferably in small doses. I think we both agree that Dawn is very clever and yaaas to Parfum Initial. It seems that there are many lovers of this one too. Looking forward to the next MS4 🙏


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