Merry Xmas and Joyeux Noël

Life in France

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day. It turned out to be a magical day here, very sunny and quite warm which was a surprise. We had a fairly low-key celebration but now it’s Boxing Day so there will be another day of food and bonding.

I wore two perfumes on the day, both with large personalities. Choeur Des Anges from Atelier Des Ors, a very bright orange fragrance with honey and an amber dry down with a pop of carrot seeds to give it some zing.

Today for Boxing Day I’m switching to Calling All Angels one of my favourites from April Aromatics and even my boys said that smells good when I sprayed it on. This is not a common reaction to perfume for them, so this was nice to hear.

Both perfume names feature angels so maybe that’s a sign. I do hope you wore something special on Christmas Day.

For those that had a tough year in 2018, let’s hope that 2019 will be kinder.