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Welcome to another edition of Mood Scent 4 with my perfume blogging friends, I Scent You A Day, A Bottled Rose and L’Esperessence. Unfortunately L’Esperessence can’t be with us for this edition. We do have some exciting news about I Scent You A Day though – she has been nominated for a Jasmine Award in the UK for fragrance writing. She does a wonderful job at spreading the word about perfumes and is a great writer so wishing her all the best.

For this round of Mood Scent 4 our topic is Perfumes That Are Perfect For Any Occasion. I’m sure we’ll all have  different takes on this. Speaking for myself, these are perfumes that I always feel in the mood for. Some fragrances, even if they’re well-loved,  I really don’t feel like wearing all the time. Some are reserved for  specific occasions, they are my special treat scents. Others are every day perfumes,  sprayed on a regular basis as they seem just right for any occasion. So these are the ones that I’d like to tell you about today.

No 5 L’Eau : Chanel : Olivier Polge : 2016 : Top : Lemon, mandarin, orange, neroli, aldehydes : Heart : Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine  : Base : Cedar, white musk

This is my favourite recent mainstream Chanel release, although I haven’t yet tried the just released Coco Madamoiselle Intense. No 5 the classic Chanel has not yet left its mark on me. I know – I’m a failed perfumista. Anyway No 5 L’Eau makes me feel that I now have a connection to what is surely the world’s best known perfume. No 5 L’Eau feels like the bare skeleton, stripped back of the frippery and lushness of the original.  The powdered citrus is a nice touch and the floral heart is light, never overdone and feels like the younger sister to No 5. And in this case it’s a good thing. The fragrance is easy to wear and for some reason a Chanel perfume makes me sit up straight and feel a tiny bit posh. That’s what marketing can do for you.

Mandarin : L’Artisan Parfumeur :  Olivia Giacobetti: 2006 : Notes : Green mandarin, ginger, yellow mandarin, frangipani, red mandarin, white cedar. 

All I can really say about this perfume is that it’s a joyous, delectable, juicy mandarin perfume. It’s freshly squeezed, ever slightly sweet with a floral tint. I’m a huge fan of Mandarine and find it perfectly appropriate for any situation. The downside of this fragrance is the longevity – not what you’d call a long laster so you’ll need it on hand at all times for extra spritzing. I hadn’t tried this until last year when a perfume friend gifted me this bottle and it’s been true love ever since.

Volutes EDT : Diptyque :  Fabrice Pellegrin: 2012 : Notes : Top : Iris flower, honey, tobacco, dried fruits : Heart : Pink pepper, black pepper, saffron, hay, immortelle : Base : Opoponax, styrax, myrrh, benzoin. 

This one was one of my first perfume purchases when I became interested in fragrance so holds a special place in my affections. I made  a trip to the Diptyque store in St Germain and loved the old school ambience. At that time Volutes was the new release and my favourite from the collection and I bought it there and then.  Volutes (EDT) is one of those amazingly, easy to wear perfumes that slot into day and night with ease. One of the first perfumes I wrote about on this blog …

For me Volutes EDT is an airy, relatively light tobacco and honey fragrance with a luminous touch of iris. It is lightly sweet with a soft sillage that is really easy to wear. It’s undemanding, very smooth, well blended and pleasant. It has a modern allure.

My thoughts haven’t changed too much on the perfume, however over time I’ve come to appreciate it more.

Musc Immortel : Atelier Des Ors : Marie Salamagne : 2017 : Top : Grapefruit, clary sage absolute, iris : Heart : Cypriol, patchouli, Haitian vetiver : Base : Ambrette, Immortelle Absolute, Musks. 

Admittedly I am biased about this perfume as I do some work for the brand and have fallen in love with this one. Musc Immortel suits me down to the bone. It’s an oriental yet not too heavy, nor too light. The fragrance works when I’m in jeans, working from home or when I need to run errands. It can also be generously spritzed when I need to scrub up and whip myself into shape.

Immortelle is the star at the opening that I’m very partial to, so you do need to like this somewhat polarising note to enjoy the perfume. It also has a  powdery musky effect with lovely lashings of iris and patchouli.  I find Musc Immortel a little chameleon like as it can feel very cosy but at other times has a flirtatious appeal. Perfect. Note that the perfume is currently only available at Harrods as an exclusive but is scheduled for wider release in September.

Don’t forget to check out my Mood Scent 4 partners : I Scent You A Day, A Bottled Rose  and L’Esperessence (she’s not here for this round of Mood Scent 4 but you can still check out her perfume musings).

Which perfumes do you find perfect for any occasion?

Notes : Images : All Megan In Sainte Maxime except for No 5 L’Eau – from marketing material. 


9 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Perfumes That Are Perfect For Any Occasion”

  1. Volutes EDT was on my “short list” of perfumes while I was working on my answer for Tara’s post.
    Same as you, I have my special occasion perfumes that I didn’t include on the list not because I cannot wear them at any time but because I do not want to wear them at any time because I want them to stay special.

    On a separate topic: great new profile picture on FB!

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    • Hi Undina. Thanks for the comment on my FB photo. I’m starting to think though now after the Cambridge Analytica and FB drama that way too much of my life has been up there for far too long. Anyway that’s another story! I remember you like Volutes too. It’s definitely one of the best Diptyque’s IMHO although they don’t make the EDT anymore, only the EDP which is a shame. ✨

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      • Since I prefer EdT, I’m sad they don’t do it any longer especially since I realize it was a plan of raising their prices.
        As to the FB, my commenting in here on something I encountered there is very telling of my relationships with it. And it’s not something new: I never trusted any of the online platforms (but I tolerate them and use to some extent).

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  2. Hi Megan,
    Lovely choices. I especially like the fact you have a musk on the list. I really need to find one that works for me because I can imagine once I do, it will take me anywhere too. Nothing skanky obvs 🙂
    BTW I’ve found a lot of us don’t chime with the original No.5, including me.

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    • Hi Tara, I have to say that musk perfumes are not usually my thing really. The skanky musks can be a bit much for me (and definitely NOT a perfume for any occasion 😉) while the clean musks can be too shrill. Interesting that you’re not a paid up member either of No 5. I do want to pick up a bottle of No 19 though – that is on the list. ✨

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