La Fête du Mimosa

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Last Sunday the streets of Sainte Maxime came alive with the yellow festive blooms of mimosa. This brightly coloured yellow plant was introduced to France via Australia by the British in the mid 19th century. The yellow blooms are a visual treat and provide much-needed colour in the seasonal transition when the weather is balmy one day and cold the next. The annual festival celebrating the plant occurs every February and it’s a parade that feels rooted in history.

This year’s theme was the Olympics and various floats sported the logo. It’s always a mixed affair with dancing troupes from various countries, stilt walkers and kids in sports teams with an atmosphere that could be considered carnival like,  although much more reserved. I do like that the French maintain traditions and find it strangely comforting when they roll around each year. These customs help to retain a sense of place when globalism rips out everything that makes countries and regions unique.

Yellow is such a vibrant, happy colour, full of life and brimming with energy and the abundance of mimosa in Sainte Maxime and the surrounds provides a respite in the hard going wintery days. I didn’t manage to get many good photos this year as it was so crowded but here are a few for you.  The Bolivian contingent was well represented as you can see. They provided the most colourful palette of the day.

Mimosa Parade 2018 Megan In Sainte MaximeMimosa Parade Megan In Sainte MaximeMimosa Parade 2018 Megan In Sainte MaximeMimosa Parade 2018 Megan In Sainte MaximeMimosa Parade 2018 Megan In Sainte Maximefullsizeoutput_274f


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  1. I miss that. I was in France a couple of times for pretty long vacations, and the festivals and mimosa–heaven. Thank you for bringing that back to me. Loved the smell in the air.


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