Top Tunes 2017 + A Spotify Playlist

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I read Caitlin Moran‘s Manifesto last year and she described her fervour for Get Lucky by Daft Punk, where she became obsessed by the song and played it over and over to a ridiculous extent. Star Roving was my Get Lucky  for the year. The shoe gazer band from the 90’s came back softly, softly with a new album, which I think can be the best way to manage the long gaps between recordings. It’s one of those songs that brings back memories of a time and place with the identifiable Slowdive sound. Plus the track is happy and a good energiser on the running playlist.

Music is in great shape and there were so many worthy albums and tracks from 2017. These were the 10 singles on high rotate in the MISM maison. Of course plenty of other tunes were listened to, but perhaps these more than others.

Here’s a Spotify playlist with the MISM Top Tunes 2017 :

Star Roving – Slowdive // Passionfruit – Drake // Slide – Calvin Harris + Frank Ocean // Pineapple – Miguel // I Dare You – The XX // Imagining My Man – Aldous Harding // Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex //  Over Everything – Courtney Barnett – Kurt Vile // Them Changes – Thundercat //  Green Light – Lorde // 

Let me know if you found any good new music last year.  ✌️



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