Perfume Review : lostinflowers from strangelove nyc : + Words with Founder Elizabeth Gaynes

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I’m a huge fan of the strangelove nyc line. I heart it. It’s well thought out and designed to perfection. The fragrances are a special addition to the  scent sphere, and especially so for an exclusive line.  Why are they so good? I believe it has something to do with the three people working on the scents. A trio of  talented people coming together to create a shimmer of magic.

Elizabeth Gaynes is the founder of the brand and recently answered my questions about the new perfume lostinflowers, so keep reading …  Christophe Laudamiel makes the perfumes. He has created some beautiful scents including Tom Ford’s Amber Absolute and his perfume manifesto, Liberté, Egalité, Fragrancité is a must read. You can find out more about the other fragrances in the line, silencethesea, deadof night and meltmyheart here. Helena Christensen, the supermodel and photographer is the creative director of the brand and says :

lostinflowers evokes the thrill of new love, capturing that electric moment of discovery when destinies collide: lost in time, lost in romance, lost in flowers. This profound scent is sure to captivate wearers and ignite new love.”

I met Elizabeth Gaynes in October and she thankfully agreed to answer a few questions recently (via email) about the new perfume lostinflowers.

So without further ado …

Your new perfume is such a lush floral composition. What was your original inspiration for the scent? 

I sought out to create a scent that was fresh and joyful, a fragrance that brought a smile to your entire body. Yet, as the many layers of flowers unfold, still intriguing.

Is there a material in this creation that really speaks to you? 

Definitely the rare, red Champaca from India –  known as the joy oil. It was used as a mood enhancer hundreds of years ago. I knew I had to build out the fragrance around this amazing ingredient

Do you envisage the sort of person who would really connect with lostinflowers?  

lostinflowers is for the man or woman who appreciates the unusual. This is not a typical floral, whilst not sweet, it still brings the feeling of being completely covered in blooming wildflowers at dawn.

Can you tell us about the working relationship you have with Helena Christensen, the creative director and Christophe Laudamiel, the perfumer?

I love working with both of them, they are filled with creativity.

Helena and I always start with the mood we want to inspire from our new scent.  I look at the mythology behind all our ingredients, which adds to our story around the fragrance. For instance orris root, used in meltmyheart, was ground and sprinkled on a woman so that when she was close to the man she had chosen, she would “hold his heart in thrall”.

When we find an ingredient that is so rare, we build the scent around it, of course always using two different kinds of oudhs. The following months of testing samples is really exciting for us. All three of us are invested emotionally in each scent we create. Every scent is a love story.

What sort of feeling and experience do you want to create with your perfumes for your customers?

Intoxicating, daring and always seductive. When people discover our perfumes, it’s evident how excited they are, you can almost see them truly falling in love with them immediately. Our customers have said of our scents that they are “addicted” and that they “can’t live without them”.

You have three really distinct fragrances already – deadofnight, meltmyheart, silencethesea and now lostinflowers. What do you see in the future for strangelove nyc?  

There is a world of amazing ingredients for us to work with. We will continue to push the envelope with unusual combinations that intrigue and excite our clients. The bar is high with our scents – being so complicated and concentrated. We love a challenge and will not disappoint.


lostinflowers from strangelove nyc // Nose : Christophe Laudamiel // Year : 2017 // Notes : Muguet, gardenia enfleurage, champaca absolute, jasmine, oudh combination, paradisone, cardamom, French oak moss, saffron, tagetes, white exclusive creamy fluffy musks, sandalwood //

The Low Down  :  An exotic floral love potion exuding happiness. 

lostinflowers is a Harrods exclusive.

This is a densely rich floral that feels incredibly velveteen and lush. There are layers upon layers of extremely potent flowers and they’re devastatingly  romantic,  poles apart from your average white fairytale floral. Indian champaca is one of the key materials in lostinflowers and it’s a honeyed, spicy note and is doing marvellous things here. Sometimes there’s an orange like quality floating on the top, while the  florals swirling underneath are multi layered and sensuous.  In actual fact this perfume is more akin to a nectar with a  thick syrupy texture,  a modern-day love potion, and a euphoric mood enhancer.

All the strangelove nyc perfumes have oud as a signature element, and here it’s an accompaniment, it doesn’t play as large a role as it did in deadofnight for example. However it does work to contribute to the overall sense of the exotic.  lostinflowers also has a touch of the erotic and may take you to places you haven’t been before. Some friends who smelt this perfume were a little taken aback at the lushness and otherworldly feel, so consider this an olfactive journey on a road less traveled. In my opinion it’s a path to explore, one that will adorn your days and nights with happiness and a glimmer of temptation.


Read more about lostinflowers : No reviews as yet that I could find  // For where to purchasePlease check the strangelove nyc website for further details. The perfumes are available in two formats – perfume oil and Eau de Parfum from Harrods. The perfume oil comes in 3 x 1.25 ml refill set (£135), 10ml roll on (£265) as well as a 1.25ml necklace (£175). The Eau de Parfum is available in a 50ml (£325) and 100ml bottles (£550) // Notes : Images :  strangelove nyc // Disclaimer : Sample gratefully received from strangelove nyc. Opinions my own. 


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  2. Really enjoyed this interview, Megan. I follow them on Instagram and love what they are doing, even if I haven’t tried any of the fragrances yet. R


    • Hello there. The fragrances are definitely tricky to get hold of unless you live in the few cities they’re stocked in or take the plunge online. I like the brand and think it’s adding something different to the world of perfume. ✌️


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