Mood Scent 4: Night Out Perfumes

Mood Scent 4, Quick Sniffs

Hello folks. Welcome to the latest edition of Mood Scent 4, a joint blogging project with my perfume partners :  I Scent You A Day, A Bottled Rose and L’Esperessence. Today we’re focusing on Night Out Perfumes to prep you for the party season.

December signals an uplift in the social calendar. If you have an  office job it’s usually rounds of client parties and then the big one at your own workplace. I have some rather questionable memories of Xmas end of year shindigs  that I won’t delve into here, just to say that thank goodness mobile phone cameras were not around back in those more hedonistic times.

Now with more wisdom (😉) and  wear and tear,  nights out are now a rare occasion but if and when the opportunity arises  I endeavour to make a good go of it. There was a rather large one in London this year that didn’t really end well but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. These days a night out usually means a dinner down the road at the local Italian with the kids.

So this is for those of you whom are putting in a lot more effort than moi to get out and about. I’m going to propose a few scenarios and the perfect perfume. Please chime in at the comments with your preferred selections.

1. Foxy :  DSH Perfumes : Dawn Spencer Hurwitz : 2017 : An intimate date night out as a Foxy Lady (or man)

This is a retro nouveau perfume and is just the style that Dawn Spencer Hurwitz excels at. Foxy is an ambered animalic with a boozy apple whiskey that dries down to a wonderful furry textured loved up snuggle. If you want to be a foxy lady (or man of course) for the evening then sign up right here. I do think this may be more appropriate for intimate date nights but do give it a whirl whatever you’re up to. 

2. Black Orchid : Tom Ford : Givaudan Perfumers : 2006 :  Femme fatale at the Xmas party

I admit I have written about this one before and it’s one of those perfumes that can absolutely thrill then at other moments repulse. I quite like the bottle that tries to be fancy even though it’s so plastic fantastic. Black Orchid has been worn on many a night out and it certainly has a vamp effect (in one’s mind at least). It’s a heady, rich scent with florals galore, a wonderful truffle note and a dash of chocolate to top it off. A modern bombshell. 

3. Angel Les Parfums de Cuir : Thierry Mugler :  2012 : The casual night out  

Angel Les Parfums de Cuir is the 20th anniversary Angel. It’s the Angel we know and love (or loathe), augmented with a leather facet. The cuir is a more wearable version of the classic scent but also think of it as a night out perfume that lifts the heavenly Angel skywards.  The fruity aspects are there but dialled down a notch or two and the perfume seems a little darker in tone. It’s by no means a hard-core leather but just seems  a tad smarter. Ideal for a casual night out and well worth seeking out. 

4. Fille de Berlin : Serge Lutens : Christopher Sheldrake : 2013 : An elegant scent for somewhere fancy 

A luscious dark rose appropriate for many moods and occasions in all reality.  For the purposes of this piece though I definitely envisage it being worn for a more elegant evening, the kind I fantasise about, wearing an incredible dress and having makeup done just for the occasion. The sort of evening that unfortunately never calls my name but I’m right there with you in my mind. Fille de Berlin is a  full bodied nearly purple hued rose with a jammy quality  and a sense of greenery contained within. It also has a slight metallic bloody tang but only a hint. Personally I think this was one of the last great Lutens creations, although I haven’t tried all of the highly priced Section d’Or line yet. Wear Fille de Berlin when you need to take it up a notch and smell absolutely divine. 

5. Incense Rosé : Tauer Perfumes : Andy Tauer : 2008 : I bet you smell good on the dance floor

This scent is for those of you who like a bit of the wow factor when going out. Incense Rosé is one of the few perfumes I own that attracts favourable comments. I do think that part of Incense Rosé’s success in this regard is its  enormous projection ability comparable to the joys of an IMAX screen. It has a fizzy citrus sherbet like smell with the glare of hot pink rose and incense that lights up in neon brights.  This was one of my first Tauer purchases and even though I wear many  of Andy’s scents this does remain a  favourite. I must warn you that it’s very potent and predict it would be perfect for the dance floor, accompanying you and your fancy footwork into the early hours. 

Thanks for reading and please make sure to visit I Scent You A Day, A Bottled Rose and L’Esperessence for their Night Out picks.

Do please tell me your Night Out / Evening choices.

Notes : Featured photo from Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris November 2017 and others by Megan In Sainte Maxime. 

20 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4: Night Out Perfumes”

  1. Hi Megan – i totally agree with Fille de Berlin for a night out (its the only one of the lot that i have tried). Fille is a powerhouse and makes me feel sexy, strong and special. If it was a REALLY special night then i might break out one of my Puredistance samples and revel in perhaps White or Opardu. Have a great Christmas. Off to read what the other ladies picks are! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Pats. Fille de Berlin is great. It makes me feel like a million dollars whenever I wear it so that’s the two of us. Interesting that you mention Puredistance as I nearly picked one for the list. Have you tried their new one? Happy festive season to you.


  2. Hard to narrow it down to just one. For me, I would say anything by the lovely and very talented Liz Moores’ Papillon Perfumery, Blacks Club Leather from Shay & Blue, Ambre Noire from Angela Flanders, and finally, for a bit of tradition, Penhaligon’s Hammam Bouquet.


  3. Fabulous, Megan! I’m not an amber person but I was impressed by Foxy too. Perfect for an intimate night out close to Christmas. File de Berlin is a favourite of mine and I have a fondness for the opulent trashiness of Black Orchid )


  4. I agree on both roses — sexy and classy. Serge Lutens ‘ other rose, Rose Nuit also fits I think. I love both, but Rose Nuit is more incense animalic, ever so slightly.


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  6. Loving this latest series, Megan, and all the variety. Most of all, they all call for a fabulous night out. Great choices here. The Andy Tauer sounds particularly special (love your Arctic Monkeys reference there). Talking of pre-mobile camera debauchery, do you think people are better behaved now as a result?


    • Hi Rich. You may be the only one who gets my music references 😉. Have you tried any Tauer’s? Just thinking about what I’m going to send you. And as to the question about the phones – I really don’t know as I’m past my hedonistic days and I’m just so relieved we didn’t have to live our lives being videoed constantly. Maybe there’s more awareness though.x


  7. Hey Megan. Great post. I had never tried Incense Rose until this week. It has sparkle – another Tauer straight to the top of the fragrance wish list. I am torn between this one and Le Maroc Pour Elle. My big night out fragrances are Rose Flash by Tauerville, Noon Tide Petals also by the great man and Amouage Interlude Man. I get lots of comments on that one.
    Best wishes to you for the holiday season.


    • Hello there. Hope all is well with you. Difficult choice between those two Tauer’s. I love Le Maroc as well – a little more full on and exotic smelling. Someone told me that the Rose Body Oil is amazing layered with Incense Rosé but it probably works well with all of the Tauer roses. Happy holidays to you too. ✌️


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