Saturday Sounds : Deadly Valentine from Charlotte Gainsbourg

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My music posts have dwindled it would seem BUT here’s a track I love from the album released yesterday by Charlotte Gainsbourg called Rest. The album has plenty of well-known collaborators including Paul McCartney, Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Kiwi Connan Mockasin.

Charlotte is probably better known as an actress than musician. Her films range from the wonderfully low-key Samba with Omar Sy and her more provocative roles in Antichrist and Nymphomaia.  In France she is a household name as the daughter of the great Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Charlotte looks more like her Dad but her voice resembles her mother’s. She hit the recording studio at a young age and I have a rather questionable single she made with her father when she was young called Lemon Incest. 

The track Deadly Valentine is laid back electro with those breathy French vocals.  The video is really touching too and features Charlotte and Dev Hynes from Blood Orange. You can view it below. This album at first listen seems really well put together and a step up from her previous work. Rest was a way to work out her grief after the death of her half-sister Kate Barry although it’s not an overly sad album. Well worth a listen.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Sounds : Deadly Valentine from Charlotte Gainsbourg”

  1. Great song and video, Megan! Coincidentally, I watched a film with Charlotte Gainsbourg this week, 3 Coeurs. I had one of her previous albums, 5:55, back in the CD days. I wonder if that’s in a box somewhere. R


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