Mood Scent 4 : Uplifting Perfumes

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We’re back with the fourth edition of Mood Scent 4, where A Bottled Rose, I Scent You A Day, L’Esperessence and Megan In Sainte Maxime offer their choices on scent moods and occasions or various themes every two months. Rainy Day,  Wedding Guest  and Mainstream perfumes  have been covered and now we’re featuring Uplifting Perfumes. I do look for perfumes to provide a mood boost, or to give a shot of energy in the afternoon slump. They can be the best instant happy pill for a good perk up.

So without further ado let’s get this party started.

Bombay Bling : Neela Vermeire Creations :  Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour : 2011 : Notes : Top : Labdanum, cardamom, caraway, blackcurrant, mango, lychee : Middle : Jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang, tuberose, rose, frangipani : Base : Patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, tobacco, vanilla. 

The first perfume that immediately sprung to mind was Bombay Bling for this edition of Mood Scent 4. It was a complete no brainer actually. This is the perfume that I always turn to when my mood needs elevating. It feels joyous, radiant and exceedingly happy. This is also the first fragrance that made me appreciate fruit in perfume. Mango isn’t really a note that you’d expect to like in a fragrance but like it I do. It really manages to capture the tang of the fruit in a beautiful way and the sandalwood drydown is exquisite.

Dilettante : Hiram Green : Perfumer : Hiram Green : 2016 : Notes : Orange flower, petit grain, essential oil of orange 

Hiram Green makes wonderful natural perfumes. Perfumes devoid of synthetics  can  have a tendency to come across as a bit flat in tone with little development but Hiram makes perfumes that feel beautiful and nuanced.  He also deals to the other often heard complaint about natural perfumes that they have limited  longevity. I can assure you  there is nothing to worry about with Dilettante. This perfume lasts for hours and hours. As the wearer of some great orange centric perfumes including Fleurs d’Oranger, Seville à l’aube and Orange Sanguine I wasn’t sure if I really needed another perfume that in this category but this one has the same sort of spark as Orange Sanguine but I enjoy this more. Orange Sanguine goes flat after the initial orange fizz opening has worn off, whereas Dilettante stays sunny with shots of green piercing its interior and hints of  honey and smoky resins in the dry down.

611 Extremo : Giovanna Antonelli : Perfumer : Cecile Matton : 2017 : Notes : Top : Rhubarb, pear, bergamot : Middle : Tuberose, Egyptian jasmine, hawthorn : Base : Licorice, benzoin, iris, vanilla  

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote about this perfume but it’s getting another mention as I’ve been wearing it A LOT. It really gives an energy kick that lifts the roof off. 611 Extremo is  a power floral with a sunny disposition. Tuberose is the star here but it’s given a very lush treatment so errs to the gourmand with vanilla and fluffy benzoin. I highly recommend tracking down the range if you haven’t tried it yet – there are three perfumes in the line and they are all excellent.

Hedonist : Viktoria Minya : Perfumer : Viktoria Minya : 2013 : Notes : Top : Rum, bergamot, peach : Middle : Jasmine flower absolute, orange flower absolute, osmanthus absolute, tobacco : Base : Vetiver, Cedar wood, vanilla 

Boozy sunshine and juicy, peach fizz is what this perfume dials up. Hedonist definitely takes a walk on the decadent side with shots of rum and honey and errs sweet but in the most beautiful way. It’s really worth getting your nose on this perfume especially if you like a good fruity note done well. The peach in Hedonist is so realistic that it really feels like you could be biting into the skin with juice running down your face and fingers. Everything works well in Hedonist from top to bottom and it’s an excellent  mood enhancer and also a good night out spritz.

Mandarine : L’Artisan Parfumeur : Green mandarin, ginger, yellow mandarin, frangipani, red mandarin and white cedar.

Now this perfume has only recently come into my possession thanks to a fragrance friend and  is perhaps the most on point rendition of a mandarin I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling.  There is a lightness that drapes skin and it smells so magical. I am transported immediately to the Mediterranean with hints of flowers that add a delicate creaminess to the fruits and a light woody base completes the story. The downside to Mandarine is the longevity. It will be winning no awards on this front. You will need to reach for the bottle rather quickly but you just get a hit of that beautiful scent again and the world feels like a better place.

I’d love to know your choices for Uplifting Perfumes whatever they may be.

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Notes : Featured photo by Tim Walker :  Other photo from Modernbook Gallery, Maia Flore : Notes are from Fragrantica

11 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4 : Uplifting Perfumes”

  1. Great choices, Megan! Quite some new ones too, really have to retry Dilletante. Orange Sanguine to me was more like sweet orange essential oil but I love their Grand Neroli. Love to read all our choices. Your photograph with the balloons 🎈is brilliant.


    • Thank you! There are a few gems in the Atelier line. I don’t really now the Neroli – but as I adore anything orange related it sounds like a good one to try.


  2. Wow, we were thinking along similar lines, Megan. I’m just kicking myself for forgetting to include Dilettante as a fab orange blossom!
    Love the term “power floral”. You’ve really piqued my interest about the Giovanni Antonelli perfumes.
    I don’t know how you manage to knock it out the park with so little time.


    • Hi Tara. We had Bombay Bling in common which is easily my most uplifting perfume. I really enjoyed doing this one. Dilettante is one of my favs too.


  3. From your list I know and love Bombay Bling! (I should wear it again soon before it got too cold for it). I also tried Hedonist but it’s not good on my skin, but I can see how it might work for others.

    My choice… In addition to BB!, Orange Sanguine, Clementine California, Under den Linden and French Lime Blossom.


    • Hi Undina. Bombay Bling is really something – it’s my favourite Neela Vermeire although I do like all of her creations. Under den Linden is fabulous and actually I nearly included an April Aromatics. Tanja makes beautiful natural perfumes – there isn’t one I don’t like.

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  4. Lovely choices, Megan! Dilettante sounds very appealing. Recently, I have been reaching for Tom Ford Sole di Positano.R


    • That sounds like something in one of the blue bottles and I’m quite a Tom Ford fan generally speaking. 😉 I haven’t tried it but I’m sure it’s good. X


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