May Favourites : Gorgeous Gardens

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Monthly favourites time is here again and this one will be a quick run down as I’m a little behind schedule due to severe laptop issues that I don’t wish to dwell on as it is too annoying for words. So let’s get into it, so I can get June’s out of the way shortly too.

Film Recommendations :

CasablancaI finally saw this film classic and enjoyed it far more than I imagined. The  memorable lines and the French national anthem at the bar were worth it. Ingrid Bergman was radiant in that soft fuzz of light so beloved of films from yesteryear. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Mon Roi : Yes a smidgen of a crush on Vincent Cassel helped to steer my choice towards this film that features a great performance by Monsieur and the lead actress Emanuelle Bercot. She plays a woman recovering from a ski accident interspersed with flashbacks from her relationship with Giorgio (Cassel), a charismatic, adrenalin seeker. If you want to see a French film that is a little under the radar but very good, this is one to see.

Spotlight : This movie about the investigative journalism that uncovered the sexual abuse covered up for years (no doubt centuries) by the Catholic church is solid.  It’s non sensationalist, slow but steady for one story that needed to come out.

Television Recommendations : 

Master of None  : Season 2 was devoured rather quickly. It starts off in Italy with Dev learning to make pizza in true Italian style. It’s still delivered in that slice of life contemporary style. I love how Dev and his best friend Arnold interact. The soundtrack is brilliant too.

My Twin Peak obsession was rekindled with the news of the Mark 2 version. I still love the original, the characters, the music, the general ambience. The memories. Believe it or not I still haven’t watched the new series, I’m a little anxious about it …

Bloodline is a show that was meant to last for around five seasons but Netflix cancelled it. So the third season was dramatically shortened. This has been one of my favourite shows on Netflix, particularly the first season with Ben Mendelssohn who is excellent. The tension is amped up and the Florida Keys setting suits the sometimes OTT family drama where shit hits the fan.

Book Recommendations :  Nora Webster by Irish writer Colm Toibin is a quiet story but nicely told.  I confess to enjoying this up to the three quarter mark and then had to read it very quickly from that point on. It’s a tale of a  widow living in small town Ireland in the 1960’s who needs to find new ways of living when her husband dies. Music is her salvation.

Music Recommendations : I quite fancy this old track Stand on the Word (1982 version) – by The Joubert Singers and have also been having a 90’s flirtation recently.  Dare by The XX  is a bit of a cheat in terms of timing but they’ve just released a video for the song featuring Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things and also Paris Jackson!

Perfume : Trying quite a few new perfumes that I want to write about and for some reason have more inspiration at the moment than I have had for a while. This is a relief quite frankly … but then laptop issues. Recently my favourites have been Dryad from Papillon (Liz Moores) and Naja from Vero Profumo.

Travel : Le Jardin des Méditeranées in the Domaine du Rayol are worth a visit.  The setting is incredible on the coast not far from Sainte Maxime. There are gardens from all over the world, including those from NZ and Australia which I loved (obviously). This is now going on my itinerary for visitors.

Royal Canadol Megan In Sainte Maximejardin Neo Zelandais Megan in Sainte MaximeRoyal Canadol Megan In Sainte MaximeRoyal Canadol HouseRoyal Canadol Megan In Sainte Maxime

Lows : Well this happened in June but the Grenfell fire in London was atrocious and an awful result of austerity, gentrification, cost cutting and the value placed on human life.

Let me know if you came across anything interesting this month – TV, film, books, music, perfume, food or if you went anywhere uplifting, bizarre or odd or if things were completely crappy as well … And have a great rest of the month.


9 thoughts on “May Favourites : Gorgeous Gardens”

  1. I am glad you saw Spotlight, Megan. I will look out for Mon Roi and time to see Casablanca again. I have tried to watch the new Twin Peaks, but it ain’t happening for me. Thanks for The XX track/vid – cool! I could do with lots of that coastal scenery, courtesy of the gardens you write about. I recently saw the film Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant and more. Epic doesn’t describe it. Almost three hours long, but it didn’t feel like it (and I normally get fidgety at the two hour mark). You might want to check it out. Hope your laptop gets sorted pronto!


    • Hi Rich! That’s what I’m worried about with Twin Peaks but someday soon when I will start watching it. I’ve wondered about Cloud Atlas but will give it a go as your film recs have been good! Have laptop but now have to buy Office again, as the new laptop has no disc drive. Grrr. Have a good month. PS I will go to the Post Office this week!

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      • Best to see Twin Peaks for yourself, Megan. Cloud Atlas is quite convoluted, but as a Twin Peaks fan, you should relate. In a few years’ time, disc drives will be quaint and ancient tech. Have a good one too! Big thanks, looking forward. R


  2. Hi there, curious to know exactly where the gardens are? And books I’ve enjoyed: Joan Didion’s – South and West – road trip she and her husband took in the 70s & Jonathan Meade’s – The Plagarist in the Kitchen – grumpy, dark & very funny. 👏👏

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    • Hi Greekflower. Thanks for reading. And funnily enough I have just popped that book on my Amazon watchlist and was wondering how good it was. I loved her memoir about her husband – The Year Of Magical Thinking. The other one sounds good too. Thank you!! xx


  3. Loving your photos Megan and yes, the XX are fab – i love all their stuff. I keep listening to Future Islands ‘Cave’ – something about them i adore! Perfume samples/decants i have been enjoying lately are Burning rose, Carolina Herrera, Robert Piguet ‘Calypso’ and Clinique Aromatics ‘Black’.


    • Hi Pats. Thank you. That Future Islands track is great. BTW Do you prefer the White or the Black Aromatics? I still really enjoy the original – such a potent blend and so identifiable amongst all of the sugar sweeties out there. x


  4. Love Joan. Sharp, not the least brittle. I read Richard Zimmler’s, The Angelic Darkness again last month. He’s a fabulous writer..had me hooked on his first book, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon. 🌺


  5. Lavender says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!!! I have been binge watching The Good Wife and just got through the entire show (7 seasons!)…..wearing lots of samples lately…giving them some skin time!


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