Smelly Interludes : Fragrant Flowers of London

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London is positively blooming right now and #flowersoflondon is the theme of this short and snappy Smelly Interludes entry. Not only is it rather hot there currently but the flowers are radiant and the jasmine in particular smells divine.  A visit was paid to the Colombia Flower Markets on Sunday and I was overwhelmed by the explosion of colour and variety of flowers on offer.

PS for those of us who are #touristsoflondon, this area is a real mixed bag of hipsters, state housing, modern flats and a city farm bang smack in East London. Plus  I heard a few Australian accents at the market, so the Antipodeans were out in force that day.  The stores were all very crafty and cool including an Angela Flanders perfume boutique. Unfortunately I was pressed for time and managed to take photos of the vitrine but wouldn’t have been able to do justice to the in store experience, so next time it’s a must see and sniff.  The markets are definitely worth a visit for the flowers, shops and general vibe.  There were some amazing egg and sausage sandwiches to be had, buskers, oysters and a record store to boot.

So without further ado, here are a few photos of the blooms at the markets, the Hackney City Farm and gardens in the area.


7 thoughts on “Smelly Interludes : Fragrant Flowers of London”

  1. Beautiful photos. I wish my screen was scratch and sniff, because those blooms look amazing. Loved the pics of Angela’s shop. I little bird has told me that I’m getting a bottle of Angela’s Ambre Noire for my birthday 🙂


    • Barry you are certainly fortunate to be receiving fragrance for your birthday. Have you tried Angela’s perfumes? I admit that I haven’t but am intrigued.


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