FIFI Award Winners 2017 : French Perfume Awards

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The Fifi Awards run by The Fragrance Foundation France were held on Thursday night, the 8th of June in Paris. It’s the  major perfume award ceremony in France and there are a range of prizes to be won. There is the Fifi d’Or (judged by a jury of artists, the Prix d’Experts (judged by journalists, evaluators and bloggers), as well as a variety of awards in the Prix de Professionals (a jury of professionals), the Prix des 25 ans and the Prix du Public. 

Here are the prize winners :

Le Prix des Experts 

Best fragrance of an independent niche brand : Mentha Religiosa : Dear Rose : Perfumer : Fabrice Pellegrin from Firmenich

Best fragrance of a niche brand affiliated to a group : Black Pepper by Comme des Garçons : Perfumer : Antoine Maisondieu from Givaudan

Best fragrance from a collection of a large brand (exclusive range) : Vert des Bois : Private Blend Tom Ford : Perfumer :  Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Olivier Gillotin from Givaudan, NY)

Le Choix du Public 

Best Masculine Perfume Self Distributing and Pharmacy : Cuir Vetiver : Yves Rocher : Perfumer : Sonia Constant, Givaudan

Best Feminine Perfume Self Distributing and Pharmacy : Sun Eau Delicious Parfumante : Nuxe : Perfumer : Serge Majouillier, Mane

Best Masculine Perfume in Grand Distribution : Night : Scorpio Collection Night: Henkel : Perfumer : Elise Bénat, Firmenich

Best Feminine Perfume in Wide Distribution : Jardin à New York : Gloria Vanderbilt : Perfumer : Dora Baghriche, Firmenich

Best Masculine Flanker in Selective Distribution : 1 Million Privé : Paco Rabanne : Perfumer : Christophe Raynaud, Firmenich)

Best Feminine Flanker in Selective Distribution : La Petite Robe Noire Intense : Guerlain : Perfumer : Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk, Guerlain)

Best New Masculine Perfume in Selective Distribution : Wanted : Azzaro : Perfumer : Fabrice Pellegrin, Firmenich)

Best New Feminine Perfume in Selective Distribution : Mon Paris : Yves Saint Laurent : L’Oreal Luxe : Perfumer : Harry Frémont, Olivier Cresp and Dora Baghriche, Firmenich

Le Prix des Professionals 

Best Communication for Masculine Perfume : Terre d’Hermès : Hermès : Publicis et Nous

Best Communication Feminine : Kenzo World : Kenzo : Spike Jonze!!

Best Bottle Masculine : Le Mâle : Jean Paul Gaultier

Best Bottle Feminine : Galop : Hermès 

Best Masculine Flanker : Eau Rhubarbe : Hermès : Perfumer : Christine Nagel

Best Feminine Flanker : Chanel No 5 L’Eau : Chanel : Perfumer : Olivier Polge

Best New Masculine : Mr Burberry : Burberry : Perfumer : Francis Kurkdjian, Takasago

Best New Feminine : Galop : Hermès : Perfumer : Christine Nagel

Le FIFI d’Or

Judges : Marie Desplechin, novelist, journalist and director : Aki Kuroda : artist, painter and sculptor : Fréderic Eau : Creative Director of Valhrona : Marianne Guély : Designer 

Fifi D’Or Masculine : Mr Burberry : Burberry : Perfumer : Francis Kurkdjian

Fifi D’Or Feminine : Galop : Hermès : Perfumer : Christine Nagel

Le Prix de 25 Ans

Feminine : Narciso Rodriguez For Her : Narciso Rodriguez : Perfumer : Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian

Masculine : Terre d’Hermès : Hermès : Perfumer : Jean-Claude Ellena


Hermès tends to win big at these awards and this year was no exception and for good reason. This is a perfume house that I’m happy to direct people to as there will always be something in the collection that will find favour.  I actually liked Eau de Rhubarbe better than Galop as there was something in that concoction that  made me feel a little ill, and I know I’m out of step on this one and need to try it again. Personally  Vert des Bois from Tom Ford was a winner for me and I included it as a runner up in my Top 15 Fragrances from 2016 as well as Chanel No 5 L’Eau.

The Kenzo World communication was a shoe in. Easily the best perfume ad on the screen in a long time and yes I also mentioned this in my 2016 picks. The Nuke perfume is not bad for a summer hit and generally speaking all of their products smell good. I use their sunscreen, Huile Prodigeuse, face mask and honey products so I guess you could say I’m a fan of the brand. The Dear Rose perfume escaped me but I will seek it out and Fabrice Pellegrin does great work for Diptque, notably on Volutes. The fact that the public voted for Mon Paris was a surprise but there you go. A big ad campaign always helps to lend visibility and it has the Yves Saint Laurent name behind it too. The perfumes of the brand seem so out of step with the fashion arm though. I know the fragrances are managed by L’Oreal and have no relationship with the fashion side.  but I wish there was an edgy fragrance from Saint Laurent in the offer. Maybe there is one planned.

Overall the winners are fairly safe I believe. The edge definitely comes to play with the Art & Olfaction awards.

What did you think of these award winners? Any surprises?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list, Megan. A lot of big names here. I tried CDG Black Pepper the other day and really liked it. R


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