Saturday Sounds : French Tunes : Palermo Hollywood from Benjamin Biolay

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Yesterday while working, my colleague and I were looking to Serge Gainsbourg for some perfumed inspiration – as you do. Well for those of you who are fans of Serge,  and there are many of us, you may want to get acquainted with a few more French singers. Actually  Gainsbourg wasn’t  French by birth, he was Ukranian and named Lucien, but that’s a story for another day. What’s important is that he is considered French.

He was one of the few French singers I was aware of in my relative youthful years.  I had danced to Daft Punk, blissed out to Air and had the Super Discount yellow album, but that was a while back. Of all the French artists that I’ve listened to though, Gainsbourg is still my preference. I love how he moved with the times and that you can feel eras changing through his music. There are many Frenchies I enjoy now including Christine and the Queens. She is brilliant, rocks a suit and has some quirky dance moves up her sleeves. If you’re after some moody, Gainsbourgesque tunes then look no further than new album Volver from Benjamin Biolay. This track is Palermo Hollywood (from his previous album).  The video is not that exciting but the tune is good. Enjoy!