Happy Easter

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Just a quick hello to say Happy Easter and I hope that you’ve had a nice holiday weekend and eaten a fair bit of chocolate or whatever takes your fancy. We’ve had a big few days so far with parties and family gatherings so to be honest tonight is going to be fairly quiet and I may even manage to do some perfume writing as it’s been a while. Even though I tend to moan a bit on a daily basis about things that aren’t going well (whether as an internal monologue or voicing it aloud), holidays like these are really a chance to count our blessings too. Sometimes it’s a good opportunity to take a moment to smell the roses so to speak and appreciate all of the positive things we do have in our lives. Note that I’m writing this while sipping a glass of rosé, so I do hope that this all makes sense and doesn’t come across as too self-help like.

And I’d just like to add that the cake was delicious and surprisingly light considering the rather OTT decoration that may have implied otherwise.

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  1. Happy happy to you as well! While you’re ramping down with your Rosé, we’re just gearing up with our first cup of coffee! A gorgeous, albeit a bit chilly, day here in the PacNW. Quiet day at home, some chores, a bit of writing and reading. Perfection. Xoxo


    • Hi Steve and Happy Easter to you and yours. The cake was delicious and doubled as an Easter / birthday festivity. It does look slightly crazed! Xx


  2. Belated happy Easter. I don’t know if I can look at another chocolate, although I am sure I could find some space for your cake. R

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