February Favourites : White As Snow

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2017 is zooming by and we’re now into March and thankfully spring will arrive at the end of the month which is such a mood booster, it’s like a little mother’s helper but of the natural variety. There is an abundance of colour in these parts thanks to the mimosa and blossoms, although this time of year is not brilliant for those who suffer from seasonal allergies  / hay fever etc.

The French election campaign is rambling on and it really is a rollercoaster ride. Each week there seems to be a new revelation about one of the candidates and it will be interesting to see the outcome. I’m a little nervous…

Television : Thankfully I’ve stuck to my motto and watched less TV / Netflix but have not managed to cut down completely. I’ve been watching Les Dames, a French cop show that is not totally repetitive or too out there on the criminal freak show side of things. It also doubles as my French practice but I’d be lying if I said I could watch it without relying on the French subtitles.

Film : Jackie in Version Originale was my favourite movie of the month. A film that recreated the assassination of  JFK and snippets of life at the White House seen through the eyes of Jackie Kennedy. It used the slightly annoying device of an interview to get many points across about Jackie Kennedy‘s character. The film was hyped mainly for Natalie Portman‘s performance and she really did nail Jackie’s accent. Check out this clip I found on You Tube for a comparison, plus you get to see snippets of the film.

On the whole I enjoyed the film, although lost interest near the end. The voyeuristic peek into the White House and the scene where she takes pills, drinks and tries on some fabulous gowns were fabulous but you never felt like you really got under the character’s skin, it was distant and a little removed. From what I’ve read the real Jackie was a passionate person and after the death of JFK had a tryst with his brother Robert for starters. My favourite role of Portman’s is Léon back when she was twelve years old and Black Swan which was fabulously over the top.

Books : Yes shameful I know but only one by Isabelle Allende called Japanese Lover. I read a lot of  Allende when I was younger and loved the romantic story telling. This was perhaps not as exotic as I remember her earlier works but it was a touching love story. A non demanding and feel good read.  My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrant that many have recommended has been opened and SPQR (Mary Beard) is being dipped in and out of. A few friends have also recommended Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, so I’ll buy that this month.

Music : The Blonded playlist by Frank Ocean on Spotify is great, although I’ve noticed that he’s just updated it and a new one is in its place.  The previous one I liked better but the current list is good for a whirl too. It has a great Aretha Franklin track on it.

Perfume : Much perfume was sprayed about in the snow  especially Hiram Green‘s Dilettante and Shangri La, both of which worked wonders in the cold.  Jul et Mad‘s Secret du Paradis Rouge also received skin time as well as Iris Fauve from Atelier Des Ors. All of these were favourites from my 2016 list. I haven’t found a 2017 scent to love yet but hopefully I will do at Esxence which is coming up at the end of this month.  I’ll be working there  this time though so I won’t be able to explore as much as I’d like to but  I will hunt out the new fragrant wonder perfumes when I get the chance.

Fashion : It’s always interesting as time wears on to see the same trends come around again and again. In the 90’s I was quite enamoured of the Bjork styled twisty hair do as well as her music of course. I had to suppress a giggle when I saw that Chanel has featured this hairdo in one of their latest ad campaigns. Of course the Chanel look and lifestyle is a far cry from how I used to wear it – mainly at grungy raves in the countryside. Another 90’s look that is here with us is the slip dress worn with a t-shirt underneath. This was done to death in the 90’s.  There will be no going back to this look pour moi.

Travel : Two highlights. The Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris is a must visit for fume heads.  I’m writing a short post on the visit with lots of photos. I do love the city and was there for a spot of perfume related work so quite exciting for a fragrance nerd.

The snow also beckoned and it was great to see  and feel the white, powdered stuff.  I’m a slow skier but enjoy it nonetheless, more so the scenery than the actual skiing. This year I seemed to enjoy drinking vin chaud in the sun on blow up couches while my boys raced down the slopes. I didn’t start skiing when I was young so have too much fear in my bones to be any good at it.  My pace has been described as ‘snails’ by the kids. The food (think a LOT of cheese in various shapes and forms and oodles of charcuterie) and mountain air are great for the soul  and waistline (wink wink).  When you get back to real life, the memories of the snow and the crisp, clean air remain. One of these goat cheeses pictured below is still smelling out the fridge but it’s divine.

Let me know if you came across anything interesting this month – TV, film, books, music, perfume, food or if you went anywhere uplifting, bizarre or odd. … And have a great March.

Notes : Images : All by Megan In Sainte Maxime  except for  Jackie : Elle : Chanel : Yahoo : Frank Ocean : Spotify 

4 thoughts on “February Favourites : White As Snow”

  1. My life is much more boring than yours so nothing interesting to report but I sure did enjoy reading about your month 🙂 Most of the perfume I have been wearing has been predicated on participation in theme related perfume wearing events hosted by other bloggers.

    and thanks for the rec on the Netflix show.have you ever watched Engrenage (Spiral in English)? That is a good one too 🙂


    • Hi Lavender. I can assure you that I only write about the non boring bits (there are so many dull days too) but February was one of the best months in a long time, that’s for sure. No I haven’t watched Engrenages and I’ve just had a quick look on IMDB and it looks great so thank you for the tip. Have a great March.


  2. I loved the Jackie movie. Did you notice the Shalimar and Vol de Nuit on her shelf? I also recommend The Founder with Michael Keaton. A biographical film about Ray Croc, the creator of McDonald’s. Excellent film. And a Street Cat Named Bob. It is billed as a family drama, but of you have been anywhere near the drug addict and homeless scene, it is so much more. Maybe you know the books? And Hidden Figures, Lion, I’ve had a film binge. All marvellous. I’m re-reading Agatha Christies. Readthe Elene Ferrante quartet last year. I have a lemming. Very rare for me – hahahahaha. An older fragrance. Malle’s Portrait of a Lady. Drained a good size sample. I am gonna buy a bottle in Milan. Otherwise, inbetween my Vero’s I’ve been wearing N°5 Parfum. Music? Lots of different stuff to get me through my gym workouts. From The Lumineers to The Pogues, Stones, Velvets, Reggae, Lorde …….
    Well, you asked! I’ll be on the Vero Profumo stand at the show, but not all the time. Maybe we could do an hour together? Hugs. CQ. XXXX


    • HI Val. Thanks for commenting. Yes I noticed the perfume in Jackie and tried to whip out my phone in time to take a photo but alas too slow! The film recs sound good. Portrait Of A Lady – well it’s a classic and a nice place to buy it. The shop next to Campomarzio? I’ll be at Atelier most of the time but not always. I’m going to a panel discussion too – I may even be on it. Eek! I’m more likely to have a roam in the morning when there are no appointments. I will definitely be over to Vero’s stand so we could organise a time. You and Portia could pop over too and I think we’ll have coffee there as well. I can’t remember if you’re a coffee or a tea person? xxx Megan


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