Quick Sniffs : 4 Natural Perfumes From La Fleur by Livvy : Scent O’ Clock

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Who enjoys natural perfumes with a light touch? Well if you do, Olivia Larson is coming to the rescue with her line of delicate, natural plant based La Fleur By Livvy perfumes. Larson is based in Colorado and you can read more about her her creative process and influences in a Fragrant Femmes piece.  Quick Sniff reviews on the collection can be read here.

Larson’s perfume are a little softer than those I’m usually drawn to, they have a quieter sensibility. My favourite in Larson’s collection to date is Forbidden Love, a Japanese inspired fragrance with a quirky  mix of green tea and sake. La Fleur By Livvy‘s most recent release is a quartet of fragrances called Scent O’Clock, designed to be worn individually or layered. The first two perfumes  Citrus Sunrise and Spicy Surrender were introduced in 2016 and Flirty Florals and Midnight Mortals the third and fourth in the collection, early this year. Scent O’Clock is a scent package with a concept. The four perfumes are intended to be worn at different times of the day and night, with Citrus Sunrise kicking things off in the morning, while Spicy Surrender can be worn for afternoon wear. Flirty Florals is an evening perfume and Midnight Mortals takes us through the night and beyond. Of course in perfumery there are no hard and fast rules, so you can wear them any which way you choose. The fragrances are intended as something to have a bit of fun with so let’s take the perfumes out and about for a Quick Sniff!

Olivia Larson Fragrantica Picture

Citrus Sunrise  : 2016 : Notes : Top : Grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot and orange : Middle : Rose, geranium and ylang-ylang : Base : Vanilla, benzoin and agarwood (oud)

This is a fresh smelling perfume with prominent ylang-ylang in the opening mixed with the citrus melange,  skewing more to bergamot than the other participants. Citrus Sunrise has a sweet, innocent feel and is definitely a nice fit for the start of the day. It’s light and optimistic.

Spicy Surrender : 2016 : Notes : Top : Lavender : Middle : Pink pepper, cardamom, ylang-ylang, champaca and rose : Base : Benzoin and agarwood (oud)

Spicy Surrender has a marginally heavier touch than Citrus Surprise as well as a sprinkle of spice and a nice floral mix with rose the more prominent floral. This is not a spice bomb perfume, more of a peppery floral. It’s delicate and has an overtly natural feel.


Flirty Florals : 2017 : Top : Bergamot and tangerine : Middle : Champaca, ylang-ylang, jasmine, immortelle and rose de mai : Base : agarwood (oud) and vanilla.   

This is my pick of the four fragrances. It’s a little heavier in texture than the previous perfumes with a stronger projection, although still wears close to skin. Again I smell a healthy dose of ylang-ylang with a tropical feel from the champaca and jasmine, with a slink of rosiness. There’s an old school floralcy here that summons beautiful green lawns dripping with layers of petals. Flirty Florals is a floral oriental with a touch of vanilla when the perfume changes in tone and becomes warmer. I’d happily wear this in the daytime or evening.

Midnight Mortals : 2017 : Notes : Top : Bergamot : Middle : Champaca, ylang-ylang, pink pepper and rose de mai : Base : Patchouli and agar wood (oud) 

This perfume has a peppered spiciness with a  healthy hit of patchouli. To my taste, Midnight Mortals is a little brusque at first but settles quickly to find a natural balance between the florals and woods. The scent is still patchouli dominant but the florals become stronger as it wears. For me this scent could easily go on skin, day or night but compared to the other scents it does have something about it that makes it feel a little more racy. All of the perfumes contain oud but as I’ve been sniffing some potent ouds recently (dead of night and silence the sea from strangelove nyc) I think my nose is searching for a big hit and I wasn’t noticing it in the perfumes, yet this is the first I can detect a whiff of oud but a very mild version, not remotely barnyard or smelling of a French cheese fridge. It’s mild but adds a nice edge to Midnight Mortals.

scent-o-clock Megan In Sainte Maxime

La Fleur by Livvy suggests these scents can be layered, so after much experimentation these were my two favoured options.

Spicy Surrender + Midnight Mortals : I like this combination better than either of the perfumes worn separately. It feels like a spicy oriental but with more complexity and the  patchouli is not as strong. For day or night.

Flirty Florals + Citrus Surprise : This feels more alive than either version in a singular fashion. It has a clarity that’s surprising. It makes Citrus Surprise seem more complex and Flirty Florals more radiant. They work well together.

Note that I used dab vials for the Quick Sniffs.

Read more about these perfumes : Citrus Sunrise and Spicy Surrender on Fragrantica and Flirty Florals and Midnight Mortals on Fragrantica

For where to purchase : Please refer to the La Fleur by Livvy website where you can purchase the four perfumes in a set for $US 55. Each perfume is a 5ml size. 

Notes : Images : All La Fleur by Livvy except for petals on lawn from Pinterest.

Disclaimer : Perfume samples gratefully received from La Fleur by Livvy. Opinions my own. 


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