Quick Sniffs : 7 Chakra Oil Set from April Aromatics

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One of my favourite scented treats are these beautiful natural Chakra Oils from April Aromatics. I’ll admit that I’m a novice in the chakra realm but I’m enjoying wearing these so much that they’ve quickly become an everyday wear. There are seven oils, one for each chakra with lovely modern packaging accompanied by a booklet that helped me understand the purpose and potential of the set. If you have tried the perfumes from April Aromatics and enjoyed their natural feel then you may be drawn to these too, especially if you understand and / or work with chakras, practice yoga or meditation. Of course you may also enjoy them if you’re more of a novice like myself. Tanja Bochnig is the creator of the line and the best advertisement for her wares. She exudes a calm, yet radiant energy that I can’t help but feel are bottled in these interesting natural oils.

According to the accompanying text, chakra is a sanskrit word and means wheel or disc. There are seven chakras that run along the spine, containing energy. The aim of the oils is to balance these energies to align harmony and flow in the body, mind and spirit. I’ve been wearing the oils in the morning when meditating and again midday when I need a boost or something diverting to feel good again. These oils have really intrigued me and they are something that has given me pleasure in the last few months.

Let’s go through them all, in a Quick Sniff format and remember these are NOT perfumes they are oils that include crystals and Bachflower remedies. They come in a roll on format and don’t last as long as perfumes and are not meant to.  You roll the oils on the relevant chakra area, however I’ve also been putting them on my wrists. For each chakra oil I’ve included a small portion of the information from the booklet.

The Root Chakra : First Chakra : Support : When this chakra is balanced it will manifest as physical security and good health

When I first tried this it was the most full on experience for me (in comparison to the other oils). It’s earthy, woody and very potent. However over time this oil has become increasingly palatable and I now use it for a wake up and kick start to my day.


April Aromatics Navel Chakra Oil Megan In Sainte Maxime

Navel Chakra : Second Chakra : Sweetness : When this chakra is balanced it will manifest as desire, balanced relationships, pleasure, creativity and sexuality and procreation

This is one of my favourites in the range. The aroma smells as though there is a mix of citrus and florals – jasmine, orange and rose. This chakra oil feels uplifting yet calm.

Solar Plexus Chakra : Third Chakra : Power and Will : When this chakra is balanced it can help with personal power, a strong balanced will, self-motivation and making healthy decisions

The scent of the oil has a mix of lemon and something more aromatic. It is invigorating and smells great. After an hour it is softly spicy. I wear this when I have to do something that takes effort, and need some encouragement.

April Aromatics Heart Chakra Oil Megan In Sainte Maxime

Heart Chakra : Fourth Chakra : Compassion and love : When this chakra is balanced we can be able to experience love, joy, ecstasy, compassion, acceptance and fulfillment 

I feel happy, centred and optimistic when wearing this oil. It’s very rosy and smells absolutely divine. This is the Chakra Oil that calls my name again and again.

April Aromatics Throat Chakra Oil Megan In Sainte Maxime

Throat Chakra Oil : Fifth Chakra : Truth and Communication : If this chakra is balanced, you may be able to experience clear communication with others, be creative, express yourself, connect and interact with the world around you 

This has an astringent medicinal feel at first but becomes much softer, and slightly spicy as it wears. I find this soothing and often reach for this when too much time at the computer is making me feel tired and flat.

April Aromatics Chakra Oil Megan In Sainte Maxime

Third Eye Chakra Oil : Sixth Chakra : Intuition : If this chakra is in balance it can help with improvement of memory, imagination, developing clairvoyance, dreaming intuition, intellectual and psychic abilities  

The Third Eye chakra oil has a herbal eucalyptus like scent that quickly becomes softer and exudes a sense of calm. I find this is helpful when I need to recharge, especially at work.

Crown Chakra Oil : Seventh Chakra : Oneness and Bliss : If this chakra is fully functioning, you are able to greet the divine in everyone and yourself 

This is one of the more potent oils in the line. It’s very strong and perhaps not my favourite as it has a  medicinal feel for me. Who knows though, perhaps I’ll change my mind on this one as I wear it more frequently or perhaps I’m not aligned in this area yet …

For where to purchase : Please see the April Aromatics website for further details. They are available as a set of 7 x 10ml oils with an instruction booklet for 159.90 Euro. Each chakra oil can also be purchased individually for 24.90 Euro : Disclosure : Sample gratefully received from April Aromatics. Opinions my own. Notes : Images : Navel and Heart chakra from Megan In Sainte Maxime and all others from April Aromatics Instagram. 

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  1. Oh these sound wonderful. I was aware of them but the price tag is perhaps just a little high for me (for the whole experience of them all). I think i might feel incomplete if i only used one or two of them. 🙂 I shall keep them on my wish list for now. April Aromatics and Tanja have a well respected reputation and one day i hope to own some of her creations. Thanks for the review Megan.


    • Hi Pats! I know her creations are wonderful but they are pricy too. She does have sales though and you can follow her site on Facebook and hear about them there. I do think it’s a great natural brand that makes scents that smell very good. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Lavender says:

    I have never tried anything from April Aromatics, partly because, as the commenter above mentioned, the fragrances are a bit out of my budget. But these chakra oils sound lovely 🙂 I really enjoyed this review as well as your aligning the descriptions to the appropriate Chakra colors.


    • Hi Lavender. The chakra oils are great and yes I know the pricing is what it is but as I said in the comment above there is the occasional sale. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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      • Lavender says:

        I will keep my eyes open for sales as I know Tanya is a very respected natural perfumer.


  3. Could do with a good dose of these balancing oils, especially the Third Eye Chakra Oil.


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