Pop Culture Anniversary Alert : Rumours is 40 Years Old!


Rumours,  the classic Fleetwood Mac album turned 40 years old this month. The band was originally a British blues formation but with changes in the lineup and a shift to an easy flowing pop / rock sound, they really hit their stride. Rumours is one of the best selling albums of all time and is filled with timeless songs that are perhaps a little annoyingly familiar now but somehow still sound relevant.

Rumours has accompanied me on road trips, 70’s party nights, BBQs and evenings in. The album has a  healthy mix of upbeat vs slow paced tracks plus the luxury of having a range of vocalists to choose from. I’m sure the personal issues on the album helped to make this one of their most memorable. The recording was allegedly fuelled with bucket loads of cocaine as relationships in the band fell apart. Apparently the band even considered giving their dealer a credit on the album.

I enjoy looking at photos from the 70’s. A less styled era, before the 80’s came and lip glossed proceedings and image became all important. Although it must be mentioned that Stevie Nicks’ bohemian look has been reworked by fashion enthusiasts on a regular basis. The photo below is truly spectacular – a mash up of odd ball choices. A stylist free zone. In this day and age rather refreshing.


Here’s the band playing Dreams,  one of the big hits from the album. The quality isn’t great but it’s nice to see and hear them as they were back in their heyday.

Any other fans of the album out there?

6 thoughts on “Pop Culture Anniversary Alert : Rumours is 40 Years Old!”

  1. Love this album. So many classics on it. And behind the scenes there was so much going on. A bit like Abba. Funny to think Fleetwood Mac are sometimes classified under soft rock. Thanks for the un-styled pics. Tee hee!


  2. Rumours – wonderful album. I SO wanted to look like Stevie Nicks but my shaggy perm just didnt cut the mustard! thanks for the memories! 🙂

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    • Hi Pats. 💗 Stevie. I love her gypsy boho look but could never recreate it and look good. So can completely understand not quite pulling off the hairdo.


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