Perfume Review and Musings : La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc : Parfums Dusita : + A GIVEAWAY

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I’ve been a fan of Parfums Dusita ever since I was introduced to the inaugural collection of fragrances,  Melodie L’Amour, Issara and Oudh InfiniSince its inception Dusita Parfums has gained traction amongst perfume connoisseurs and is now a brand to pop on your wishlist. Oudh Infini is an incredible rosy oud and one of my favourites from 2016.  Pissara Umavijani is the talent behind the proceedings  and you can read more about her here. I’m hoping the brand will have longevity and success. Judging by the quality of her next two perfumes, she is definitely off to a great start.

Pissara unveiled the follow up perfumes, La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc at Pitti Fragranze in September and I mentioned them in my report but it’s only now that I’m getting to write about them in a little more detail. I believe these two new perfumes not only strengthen the collection, they also imbue it with breadth and depth.  She certainly makes a perfume launch appear easy when it surely as hell is not.  There is such a proliferation of new brands as well as more established houses releasing perfumes at a hectic pace that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed. Once you have stockists will your perfumes actually sell in the tough retail market, when the pricing is  295 Euro+ a bottle? What happens when new entrants knock you off the pedestal? What is the lifecycle of a new brand these days? Luckily Pissara knows how to work social media and I believe this has helped a lot, as she is the heart of the brand, although the perfumes also need to be good to get the perfume grapevine chattering. Her trick is to modernise classic perfume themes and stamp them with an interesting twist, giving them fresh life and interest.

Pissara Dusita

La Douceur de Siam Eau de Parfum : Nose : Pissara Umavijani : Notes :  May rose, frangipani, champaca, cloves, ylang-ylang, violet leaf, sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

An opening that makes me a little weak at the knees is a good start. The vibe is tropical, creamy, lush and perfectly blended as the florals morph into a magical melange. As soon as I smelt this perfume it immediately took me back to carefree holiday times spent in the Pacific Islands where the flowers perfumed the air with an intoxicating scent as I whiled away the day either exploring the island or relaxing on a lounger with a cocktail at hand and books ready to devour. These are good memories so I’m sure they predispose me to liking this perfume. The opening is sweet but by no means cloying and the balance is just right so that it doesn’t tip over into sugar land. The perfume changes around twenty minutes in and feels more chilled with clove, rose and sandalwood coming into play. This phase is sublimely exquisite as the effect becomes creamier in texture like a fluffed up rosy crème brulee baked to perfection. La Douceur de Siam has many fine threads running through it remaining delicately fragrant, softly reassuring and relaxed in its beauty.

If Oudh Infini is my favourite perfume in the Parfums Dusita collection, then this is the fragrance that I will end up applying the most frequently. It’s more approachable in tone and feels romantically pretty, skewing feminine in my mind. There’s a pronounced blissed out feel to this perfume and this image below is a great approximation of how I feel wearing La Douceur de Siam. Blissed out, chilled out and content.


Le Sillage Blanc Eau de Parfum : Nose : Pissara Umavijani : Notes : Orange blossom, neroli, tobacco, artemisia, galbanum, leather, ambrette (musk mallow), patchouli and oakmoss.

Pissara loves her perfume classics and with Le Sillage Blanc her admiration for Germaine Cellier‘s Bandit (Robert Piguet) palpably shines through. Le Sillage Blanc is far more approachable however, less bitchy and more beautiful. The sort of perfume that will give you the ups you need when you’re delivering an important presentation or pitch, teaching a class of difficult children, fighting for budget allocation or simply fill in  your work battle of choice. It’s that sort of fragrance, plus it smells amazing.

Le Sillage Blanc is a green leather chypre styled perfume and I must admit this is not my favourite scent playing ground, yet against all odds I found myself unexpectedly lured in. The opening surprised me as I bathed in a rather smooth and comparatively warm halo of scent with a slightly fluffy feel. The orange and neroli are pretty here, offering a counterpoint to the stringent galbanum green leather and smoky aspect. Eventually the woods and oakmoss take this scent to its conclusion. This perfume lasts and lasts, yet is less serious than anticipated. It’s more optimistic and hopeful with a sparkly radiance over the top of a dewy, mossy, green heart. Le Sillage Blanc is a wonderful perfume and if you’re timid around green fragrances in general or leathery greens then this is the one that could win you over. Le Sillage Blanc is a distinctly modern take on a classic genre that gets the big thumbs up from me.

Christine and the Queens Megan In Sainte Maxime

This photo of Heloïse Letisser of Christine and the Queens summed up this perfume for me. There’s a glimpse of rock chic in a smart yet casual style. If you haven’t yet heard her music you should definitely give it a whirl. She’s quite mainstream in France but positioned as more indie in the UK, but either way her music is easy to love with an electro art pop slant. Plus I love her gamine style, quirky dance moves and the ability to kill it in a suit.

These two new perfumes are very different in mood, tone and composition yet they’re both exquisite offerings. These are my favourites of the line along with Oudh Infini and I highly recommend sampling these scents. Both have excellent longevity with Le Sillage Blanc being the winner in terms of its shower proof abilities.

The new perfumes are available as samples on the Parfums Dusita website but full bottles are not yet for sale, although the wait shouldn’t be too long now.


And now for the good stuff. Thanks to the generosity of Parfums Dusita you can try these two perfumes by winning them here on Megan In Sainte Maxime. There are 3 sample packs of La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc to be won.  Each pack contains samples of both fragrances in a 3ml sample size.

I will post to anywhere in the world. Note that I won’t take responsibility if goods are damaged or lost in transit.

What do you need to do to enter?

  1. You must follow Megan In Sainte Maxime – here on this blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Let me know how you follow in the comments here on the blog. If you don’t already follow me, that’s fine, but you must do so to enter.
  2. Answer the question : Which of the two Dusita perfumes are you most interested in trying and why?
  3. PS You get an extra chance if you follow on more than one social media platform (e.g. blog + Instagram = 2 entries).

Entries close on Monday the Monday the 30th of January, 10am Paris time. I’ll do a post to announce the winners on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Names will be plucked out a hat, or if there are lots of entries, I’ll use

Winners, please contact me via email – see my address in the contact page.

GOOD LUCK! Please feel free to share this post with your perfume friends so they have the chance to win as well.

Where to purchase : You can buy samples of these two perfumes for €11 each on the Dusita website.

Notes : Images : Featured and image of Pissara : Dusita : Eva Herzigova : Vogue Paris : Christine And The Queens : T Magazine

Disclaimer : My thoughts are based on samples from Parfums Dusita received at Pitti Fragranze. Opinions my own. 

27 thoughts on “Perfume Review and Musings : La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc : Parfums Dusita : + A GIVEAWAY”

  1. What a great description of Le Douceur de Siam. I tried it and it is my favorite. Loved what you wrote about the creme brulee baked to perfection. For me it is the perfect rose and one of my favorite scents I tried last year. I follow on Instagram and via wordpress but as I have tired them already others go first.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. morejasmineplease says:

    Hello! My first time commenting here – I discovered you in December and that’s when I started following your blog via email. Having only recently gotten launched into this obsession, I’m exceedingly interested in La Douceur de Siam based on your description and the fact that I’m in l-o-v-e with all things floral. So far I’ve got Vamp A NY, Amoureuse, and of course Carnal Flower and Le Parfum de Therese, and I’m salivating a little bit in reading what you’ve written here. Your blog is the first to introduce me to Parfums Dusita with your 2016 review post so she’s been on my radar already – and now I’m even more eager to get to know this line. Thanks for considering me for the drawing!


    • Hi morejasmineplease. Thank you for following and visiting. If you love florals you will really like La Douceur, judging by those you mention as I like all of them too. You’re entered and good luck.!


  3. I follow your blog via email, also follow you on Facebook and Twitter. I am eager to try La Doucer de Siam, the rose,clove, sandalwood and amber have me drooling to get my hands on it and breathe it in. Thank you so very much for such a generous offer!


  4. Annie Blackmore says:

    I follow you on Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook. I would love to try Le Silliage Blanc as it sounds very different to my usual favourites. New year, new perfume!


  5. Mary says:

    I follow you on your website. I love green scents, so I’d be most interested in Le Sillage Blanc. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work 🙂


  6. I had to check: I’m following you here (WP), on FB and Twitter (I tend to do it with those blogs I read – it leaves no chance for me to miss an update 🙂 ).

    I will be truthful: at this point I do not care, which of the brand’s perfume I’ll try – I expect with approximately the same anticipation to hate it (and tell myself that I was right to be skeptical about everybody’s loving the line) or to love it (and eat my virtual hat acknowledging that my skepticism had no merit).


  7. Hi Megan. Great post. The images work well for me because I tend to think of frangrance in colour. Strange, I know.
    Both of these fragrances sound fabulous and if the quality of the earlier Dusita range is anything to go by then indeed they will be deluxe. I won’t enter the draw as I was a lucky winner last time but I will certainly add both to my long and ever growing To Try list. I am a Bandit fan and love the ‘bitchy’ reference. It is certainly a take no prisoners / love it or hate it type of fragrance.


  8. Hello there, Facebook and Twitter are my platforms of choice for following you . La douceur de Siam sounds absolutely intriguing (those amber notes ❤ ).


  9. chocolatemarzipan8 says:

    I follow via wordpress and would love to try La Doucher de Siam because of the notes.


  10. Lavender says:

    Le Sillage Blanc is the one I would love to try because I am always interested in a modern chypre….and I follow via wordpress.


  11. morejasmineplease says:

    I was lucky enough to win 2 samples from this drawing and I wanted to come back and offer some thoughts! First off, both of these couldn’t be more different. I’m by no means an expert in this fragrance business so please excuse my clumsy attempts to describe my experience. I found Le Sillage Blanc to be very similar to the opening that I get of Carnal Flower: It’s that almost sharp greenness with a very close-to-the-earth or fecund feel to it. There’s some floral in the background but it’s hard for my nose to grasp it. By contrast, wow, La Doucher de Siam is a much more assertive one! A couple sprays and POW it’s here! Very warm, with a big opening that’s sweet but not really, almost spicy, , with a tiny bit reminiscent to me of Le Feu d’Issey (except that I can’t really stomach LFdI, whereas LDdS is lovely).

    Anyway, THANK YOU to Megan – you should definitely rely more on her own much more thorough and descriptive review, but I wanted to offer those impressions from a neophyte. 🙂

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    • Hello there! Thanks so much for your impressions. I loved reading them and really understand where you’re coming from. Your take is great and always rely on your own response as that is what counts for you. I’m no expert and can only go with what I smell which is not necessarily what other people do. So glad you enjoyed them 😘


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  15. Vahagn says:

    Very beautiful review! Thank you, Megan!
    I’ve read so many good reviews about Dusita Parfumes- great “real” niche brend.
    I would test La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc after your description and I like floral fragrances, I like so much Bandit.
    Now I follow you in facebook and blogg.


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