RIP George Michael 1963 – 2016


If you grew up in the 80’s George Michael‘s music was omnipresent. From Wham‘s quite hilarious yet incredibly smart and infectious take on pop through to Faith and then onto the 90’s with the Freedom supermodel song. He was a huge deal. His voice was silky smooth, he was a great songwriter and a handsome man. More recently of course he was well-known for his love of marijuana and sexual escapades. Michael was also extraordinarily candid in interviews, excerpts of which I read in the Guardian today, rare in a world of puff pieces and PR mind control.

I’m surprised at how sad I feel as I didn’t exactly have his tunes on high rotate but it’s the memories that are whirling back about days gone by. Yet when you go through his songs as I have been this morning, there are so many to love. I love Faith, all of his Wham era and his performance of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me with Elton John at Live Aid was incredible. I’m catching up with an old girlfriend tonight and I’m sure we’ll be having a kitchen dance party with a few Wham and George Michael tunes thrown in.

I’m sure this one will come up at some point : Young Guns (Go For It!) with its great opening line – Hey Sucker.

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