Perfumed People : Karl Lagerfeld : On His Favourite Perfumes

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This month the gloved Choupette lover Karl Lagerfeld has taken over Vogue Paris and talks about his favourite perfumes. No surprise that his own brand perfumes didn’t make the cut.

You really have to hand it to him. He’s 83 and still designing for one of the most well known fashion houses in the world. Chanel.

Here’s what he says about perfume.

“Je ne suis pas fidèle à un seul et unique parfum. Disons que je suis fidèle sur le moment. J’utilise tous les jours Serpentine de Comme des Garçons et Boy de Chanel. J’aime beaucoup Bal d’Afrique de Byredo, mais j’ai dû arrêter car Choupette ne le supporte pas. Je viens de découvrir La Nuit étoilée d’Annick Goutal, il aurait pu aussi figurer sur la photo.” 

Rough translation :

“I am not faithful to only one perfume. Let’s say I am faithful on the moment. Every day I use Serpentine from Comme des Garçons and Boy from Chanel. I really like Bal D’Afrique from Byredo, but I had to stop because Choupette couldn’t stand it. I have just discovered La Nuit étoilée from Annick Goutal, it could also have been in the photo.” 

Image : The cover of this month’s Vogue Paris : Karl Lagerfeld with Lily-Rose Depp. Photo by Hedi Slimane.


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