New Perfume Review : Marocco Nana Mint 32°N 08°E from Richard Lüscher Britos : Mint Tea Is Served

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We’re serving up another natural perfume brand here today, a small but growing niche in fragrance land. I’m pleased to feature another perfume from Richard Lüscher Britos (RLB), a Swiss based fragrance house established by three childhood friends – Serena Britos, Malvin Richard and Lukas Lüscher. The perfumes are based on the terroir of the land, the people and culture. Terroir is a term that is typically associated with wine and the connection to the land that nurtures the grapes. It translates very well to perfumery and how the naturals are nurtured by the earth. Each fragrance in the range is also natural and created in a fair and transparent manner. I recently interviewed Serena Britos for a Fragrant Femme piece, so you can find out more about the brand and her part in its creation here.

The house makes use of the skills of established perfumers in the niche scene including Vero Kern, Andy Tauer and now Delphine Thierry  for the latest release. I’ve reviewed the alpine lavender perfume 44° N 03°E – Causse Méjean EDT from Andy Tauer which in my opinion is one of the best takes on lavender on the market. He manages to make this oft maligned note smell more than just another lavender, he breathes fresh life into the note. Now RLB have turned to mint.

Again, this fresh, herbaceous smelling herb is a note that is not universally loved in perfume (cocktails are a different story) and now Delphine Thierry‘s capabilities have been tapped for Marocco – Nana Mint. Thierry is based near Grasse in the South of France and has made two intriguing perfumes for Italian brand Masque Milano. Montecristo is an animalic tobacco while Terralba a quieter woody aromatic. Both of these perfumes are well worth tracking down to understand her work. 

32° N 08°E – Marocco – Nana Mint  EDT : Nose : Delphine Thierry : Year : 2016 : Notes : Top : Mint, tea, sugar, watermelon : Middle : Date, fig, jasmine, Moroccan rose, acacia blossom :  Base : Henna, sweet notes, watery notes and green notes (from Fragrantica)


Serena Britos, Malvin Richard and Lukas Lüscher

The background material for the perfume talks about three concepts. The first is the tradition of hospitality, where serving and drinking mint tea is part of Moroccan custom. The tea is lavishly doused in mint, served with sugar and sparkling conversation. The second facet is the desert oasis where the scent of rose and jasmine blends with dates and figs. Story telling in the local squares is part three, where women come to have their hands painted with henna and thereby a tale is recorded on skin.

So how does this inspiration play out in the perfume? There’s a beautiful crisp mint note sweetened by sugar. This thankfully moves the mint away from toothpaste associations making it far more enjoyable than other mint perfumes I’ve tried. In this sense it’s a gourmand mint but without all of the frippery that can go hand in hand with this category of scent. Marocco – Nana Mint really does smell like mint tea. I literally feel that a fresh glass could be right in front of me, freshly brewed, with the addition of a sugar cube. There’s an element of joy in the accompaniments with date and some watery notes. There’s also a delicate smidgen of spice and I’m pretty sure it’s cumin, but it’s only a hint so don’t be put off if you’re a cumin phobe, and it possibly could be henna that I’m smelling.  As the mint eases out of the composition, jasmine and rose hold the fragrance together for some time in a very delicate aroma that reminds me of petals, rather than a blossoming flower along with a touch of cedar.

I find this a rather simple and refreshing perfume with a sugared tint that also has a verbena like aspect.  The composition feels like the oil that I burn at home.  What I like about Marocco – Nana Mint is the fresh slant on mint via mint tea served in Morocco in the classic RLB style. I found this fragrance to be bang on point in terms of its description.

Spraying Marocco – Nana Mint simply transports me to warmer climes. I can pretend I’m in the gardens of Yves Saint Laurent‘s Marrakesh home or wandering around a souk, nibbling on dates and sipping tea.  This fragrance will be perfect in spring or summer for me. I like the natural tint to it and the care this perfume house takes to bring their creations to life. One note on longevity. This is not as long lasting as my other favourite in the range, so spray a little more than you’re used to and enjoy.

PS : If you’re interested in discovering some other natural, high quality niche brands in perfumery, look no further than Hiram Green and April Aromatics, two fantastic lines. You can also find a little more about the founders of the companies, Hiram Green and Tanja Bochnig by clicking the links.

The Low Down : Moroccan mint tea served with sugar and love that will transport you right bang slap to the centre of Marrakesh.  

Read more about 32° N 08°E – Maracco Nana Mint on : Cafleurebon

For where to purchase : Please see the Richard Lüscher Britos website for further details. A 50ml bottle is available for 150CHF (Swiss Francs).

Disclosure : Sample gratefully received from Richard Lüscher Britos at Pitti Fragranze. Opinions my own.  

Notes : Images :  All Megan In Sainte Maxime, taken at Pitti Fragranze except for the photo of the Richard Lüscher Britos team that is from Serena. 

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