Perfume Review : The 7% Solution from En Voyage Perfumes : Sweetly Narcotic

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Shelley Waddington from En Voyage Perfumes is a trailblazing American indie perfumer who makes interesting and intriguing compositions. I’ve been enamoured of her work since smelling the beautiful retro smelling garden of flowers, Fiore di Bellagio. My crush continued with Frida, a freaky and fabulous tribute to an artist who continues to inspire and fascinate. This year’s Rainmaker is a different beast and takes us to mossy forests combined with a fierce attitude. Shelley was recently interviewed as part of the Fragrant Femmes series  about women in perfumery. I highly recommend this interview as I believe that she has really opened up and given great insight into En Voyage as well as some pertinent advice for those interested in perfumery.

Shelley Waddington Megan Iin Sainte Maxime

The 7% Solution is a limited edition eau de cologne now available for purchase on the En Voyage website. It won the Artisan Salon Top Gold Judges Award in 2015 and comes with a rather intriguing  back story involving none other than Sherlock Holmes.

“Legal at the time, heroin and cocaine allowed Holmes to relax and refuel. Sherlock alternated between morphine and cocaine, which he always took in a 7% solution. Trancendently stimulating and clarifying to the mind, such drugs were regularly taken by aesthetes of the day, including the poet Colridge and even Queen Victoria herself.” (En Voyage website)

The 7% Solution Megan In Sainte Maxime

The 7% Solution Eau de Cologne : En Voyage Perfumes : Nose : Shelley Waddington : 2015 : Notes : Top : Wild oranges, mandarin, green citron, osmanthus, curacao : Middle : Tiare, frangipani, narcissus, summer blooming flowers : Base : Sandalwood, vanilla, amber, oak, white woods and musks

For me this eau de cologne is a floral gourmand that verges to the sheer rather than the fluffed up whip that is so fashionable these days. A delectable sweet citrus with a ripe and round osmanthus kick starts this concoction. The summer blooming florals are really pretty and lightly lush rather than super charged but definitely have  a sweetness that tilts to the skies. There’s something in The 7% Solution that smells a little wild, not unhinged exactly, but it stands out amongst the mix of florals. Perhaps it’s the curaçao, the sweet and bitter orange often used in cocktails that’s lending this edge. The 7% Solution also links to Frida but it’s more benign, not nearly as freaky or outrageous. It simmers and sways.  I smell mostly musk in the dry down with touches of vanilla.


The 7% Solution is narcotic  but perhaps not in a way I’d usually envisage. This time Sherlock is tripping in his mind and he’s on holiday.  Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock is no longer in London. Now he’s flying off to a remote isle, perhaps with Martin Freeman‘s Doctor Watson and they’re having a beach party fuelled with Blue Caraçao. It’s fun and fancy free but still clever in its intent. Call it lightly narcotic with a floral twist and you’ll be right there with the oddly compelling twosome.

The Low Down : A limited edition lightly narcotic eau de cologne ripe with osmanthus, summer blooms and a dash of weird in typical Sherlock style. 

Read More About The 7% Solution  On :   Cafleurebon

For Where To Purchase : Please see the En Voyage website for further details. 1oz is US $60 and 0.5 oz is US $40.

Notes : Images : Featured Image : Sherlock : The Daily Mirror : Photo of Shelley Waddington : En Voyage :  The 7% Solution : En Voyage Perfumes : Benedict Cumberbatch at the beach : Pinterest

Disclaimer Sample gratefully received from En Voyage. Opinions my own. 






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