Quick Sniff Perfume Reviews : April Aromatics : Part One

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April Aromatics is an all natural perfume line masterminded by Tanja Bochnig who is turning out some wonderful creations. I was lucky enough to meet her briefly at Esxence back in March when I was introduced to her range. Tanja is an ex model so is a very attractive woman yet what I remember most is her calm, radiant energy and quirky barefoot style. Tanja very kindly agreed to be interviewed for Megan In Sainte Maxime and you can read her responses to a range of questions here. I would highly recommend this if you are curious to discover the ethos of April Aromatics as you’ll gain insight into the inspiration behind her perfumes.

Without further ado, here are my Quick Sniff reviews of Erdenstern, Calling All Angels, Nectar Of Love, Rosenlust and Jasmina. Part 2 will feature the remaining fragrances in the April Aromatics line.  Happy reading.

Erdenstern EDP (Earth Star) : 2014 : Musk, ambergris, vetiver, tobacco leaf, tonka bean, cacao and opoponax

Inspired by the “holy place between the worlds of gods and mortals”, Erdenstern is indeed rather special. A delicious cocoa note that reads as a dark, plush chocolate quickly wins me over. Plus there’s delectable tonka and a swirling tobacco with a slightly minty, herbaceous facet. Providing a counterpoint to this richness is a slightly savoury aroma featuring musk and ambergris.

Erdenstern is one of the rare perfumes containing vetiver that I really like. Others I enjoy are Vetiver Oriental from Serge Lutens (there’s cocoa in this one too) and  Le Galion‘s Vetyver that is the opposite in style. It’s light, zingy and summer fresh. Erdenstern is more similar in feel to Vetiver Oriental in terms of warmth, rather than the more airy style but I enjoy Erdenstern far more. Believe me when I say that this is a perfume  you may start to crave. Think earthy with a bohemian dose of sexiness.

Calling All Angels EDP : 2013 : Rose otto, incense, honey precious woods, vanilla, opoponax, amber, elemi resin, labdanum, tonka bean, benzoin and frankincense

“In church I felt the incense was rather a cold incense smell, I wanted Calling all Angels to be warm and gourmand.” (Tanja Bochnig)

Calling All Angels is one of those natural perfumes that doesn’t seem like a natural perfume. It smells richer and stronger than what you may be used to for a natural. It also won the Art and Olfaction Artisan category in 2014 for good measure and really is a gorgeous fragrance. Calling All Angels has a powerful sense of being and a hefty presence. It’s a sultry, golden, ambered incense swamped in dark, magical resins and a heavenly labdanum. Occasionally I detect a subtle smoky flicker and at others a honeyed, vanilla. This is much more my style than the austere, cold incense perfumes like L’Artisan Parfumeur‘s Passage d’Enfer or Kyoto from Comme des GarconsCalling All Angels is exactly how Tanja has envisaged this scent. It’s joyous. It sings on skin and is draped in warmth and love.

Tanja Bochnig Megan In Sainte Maxime

Nectar Of Love EDP : 2012 : Tuberose, Indian jasmine and Bulgarian rose, sandalwood.

Nectar Of Love is one of those scents that makes me feel that I’m enjoying it a little too much. It feels good in a therapeutic, calming way, yet is interspersed with moments of ecstasy. The Indian jasmine has a blinding potency that shines amongst layers of rose petals and ripe tuberose. Let’s just say that it’s a scented onslaught that smells divine. Nectar Of Love has a similar intoxicating quality as Seville a l’aube from L’Artisan Parfumeur in that it’s rich and ripe. Romantically sexy.

Rosenlust EDP : 2012 : Rose from Bulgaria, Turkey, India and England, pink grapefruit, ambrette seed, orris root, tonka bean 

If you like rose perfumes then Rosenlust is definitely one to try. The scent palette is mixed with green, fresh tints to brighter pinks and reds that smell fruity and warm. It is a beguiling, sensual scent that soothes and centres. It’s unadultered rose and more. Like many of the April Aromatics scents, it makes me feel centred and calm. Another rose to love. This is also the perfume that Tanja wears most often.

 “I use it straight on my heart chakra and in my hair, so I smell it throughout the day. It makes me feel feminine and gives me a happy feeling throughout the day. It is a scent that I can wear all year round.” (Tanja Bochnig) 

Rosenlust Blog Megan In Sainte Maxime

Jasmina EDP : 2012 : Jasmine from the South of France and India, ylang ylang, pink grapefruit 

The scent of jasmine is ever-present in the South of France in summer and is unbelievably divine. It’s hard to beat nature’s best but Jasmina is a wonderful natural perfume that manages to capture the luminous quality of the flower. Jasmina is sweet, sunny and never scratchy as many jasmine perfumes can be. Wear this on a walk with your loved ones and inhale the goodness. (Note that I wrote about Jasmina  for my Top 10 Summer Perfumes).

I’ll end this by saying that it’s not often that you would like to buy every perfume in a review. Well this is the case here. Sometimes ranges connect and sometimes they don’t. For me April Aromatics is a coup de foudre. That they’re natural as well is just a bonus. If you like perfume, there’s a good chance you will find one to love. If you wear natural perfumes, this is definitely a range you should pop on the list.

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For where to purchase : Please refer to the April Aromatics website where a 30ml EDP is 169 Euro. Samples can be purchased individually for 13.99 Euro or in a deluxe sample box containing 10 perfumes for 111 Euro. Rosenlust is available in a 10ml roll on perfume oil for 69 Euro. April Aromatics also sells mists (room, body and chakra) and chakra oils. 

Notes : Images : Main : Megan In Sainte Maxime : Other photos from Tanja Bochnig 

Disclaimer : Perfume samples from April Aromatics. Opinions my own.