Favourite French Things : French Pharmacy : Huile Divine from Caudalie

Favourite French Things, French Pharmacy

I love a visit to the French pharmacies. There are always new discoveries to be made and fragrant finds worth seeking out and best of all, there’s no need to spend a fortune. I’ve written about my love for Nuxe and now it’s Caudalie’s turn. Caudalie was established in 1995 by Mathilde Thomas and is a popular brand stocked at pharmacies all over the country. It specialises in developing products utilising the health properties of the grape. I’m already enamoured with Eau de Beauté, that snuggles in my handbag in July and August when the heat is fierce. A spray of this little beauty cools me down immediately with its herbal, mint loaded freshness.

Recently I purchased a five product travel pack of Caudalie products and fell in love with Huile Divine. It’s a dry, multipurpose oil in the same vein as Nuxe‘s Huile Prodigieuse. The texture is smooth and the smell is a mix of grape seed and a sweetness that reminds me of chocolate. My skin is really dry and increasingly so as each year passes. This oil soaks straight in and works well for me. I’m preferring oils to lotions on my arms and legs these days and they don’t feel greasy as they once did. Huile Divine is definitely worth trying and there are also a few perfumes in the Caudalie collection, that I will endeavour to get a sample of pronto.

Let me know if you have any body oil favourites or if there’s a product from Caudalie that you love, as I’m keen to try more.

Note : Image by Megan In Sainte Maxime 

Disclaimer : Product purchased by Megan In Sainte Maxime. Opinions my own. 

5 thoughts on “Favourite French Things : French Pharmacy : Huile Divine from Caudalie”

  1. Hi Megan – I have seen Caudalie products in Space NK but not actually tried any! I do love the Nuxe oil which smells gorgeous. Another favourite of mine is Aesop Fabulous Face Oil – beautiful aroma, non greasy, botanical ingredients and works really well on dry skin.


    • Hi Pats. The Aesop sounds amazing. I haven’t tried many of their products but recently I visited a house that had an incredible selection of Aesop products in their guest bathroom. I have to say I tried quite a few that were on offer. All of them were amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo!


  2. I think I have a sample of Huile Divine somewhere… I should dig it out and try!


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