Perfume Reviews : Oudh Infini, Issara and Melodie De L’Amour from Dusita + A GIVEAWAY

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I first came across the Dusita line of perfumes and its creator Pissara Umavijani (pictured below) at Esxence in Milan. To date there are three extrait de parfums in her range and you can read more about Pissara or Ploi as she is also known on a previous post where she opens up and tells us about the inspiration behind her perfumes. Originally from Thailand, Pissara now lives in Paris and with these very different life experiences has a diverse palette of inspiration to drive her creativity. The name of the range, Dusita is tantalisingly poetic.  In Siamese Dusita is a “paradise of pure delight and contentment. A heavenly realm of inner happiness.” The perfume extraits are very personal to Pisssara and pay tribute to her father, a well known Thai poet, Monti Umavijani and his quest to find Dusita.

Pissara Dusita

The three perfumes, Oudh Infini, Issara and Melodie De L’Amour create a strong signature for the brand that is by turns classical yet with a touch of the experimental to make things interesting. Pissara plans to have the website store set up in the next month and Jovoy in Paris will stock the collection.

Today we have a GIVEAWAY so you will have a good chance to get to try these keenly anticipated perfumes. Thank you so much Pissara for the opportunity to run this giveaway and keep on reading to find out more details.

I’m going to start with my clear favourite of the trio as it is the one that I fell in love with followed by the other two perfumes.

Oudh Infini Megan In Sainte Maxime

Oudh Infini Extrait de Parfum : Nose : Pissara Umavijani : Notes : Top : Laotian oud, Rose de Mai, Tunisian orange blossom : Middle : Benzoin, sandalwood : Base : Madagascar vanilla, musk and civet. 

I asked Pissara about each of her three perfumes and I’ve included her responses at the top of the reviews.

“Oudh Infini would relate to the music for the quartet ‘in the Persian Market’ by Ketelbey, an overwhelming experience of discovery. I used animalic notes to convey the adventure and the earthy expression, while rose de Mai to show the intrinsic beauty of another culture.” (Pissara Umavijani)

This is the perfume that in my opinion is the stand out in the collection and also a fantastic oud centred creation. Like Musiqua Oud from Nishane that uses honey to create something wonderful, Oudh Infini moves far beyond the ordinary with Pissara’s skilful use of rose and orange blossom along with warm, smooth ingredients and a sumptuous sandalwood. Let’s not forget the layer of animalics that really take this to another level.  Oudh Infini is a voluptuous, sensual fragrance that made me feel like I was soaked in golden warmth, basking in the aftermath of a heavenly experience. The mix of florals and oud at the opening is pretty much an ecstatic eye roll back moment for me. It smells richly textured and the rose is drop dead gorgeous. The oud is not overly medicinal but it a little cheesy for a time, but smells fiercely natural, which is rather unusual as many ouds on me do not, so I believe this signifies quality ingredients.

The perfume continues to work well on my skin as it wears and  has huge longevity as well.  Many of you may be thinking oh it’s a rose and oud combination. Boring! However Pissara really takes things to another level here, and although the rose is noticeable, it’s not the key driver in the perfume. The strange thing about Oudh Infini is that I don’t really think of it as an oud or oud and rose perfume when it’s on skin. It’s simply a beautiful scent. Full stop. I could easily wear Oudh Infini day and night. It’s full of curves and incredibly romantic, a real feast for the senses. The warmth of the sandalwood, oud, vanilla and animalic notes create a well balanced beauty that sends me on my way to the blissful Dusita. Highly recommended.

Issara Megan In Sainte Maxime

Issara Extrait de Parfum : Nose : Pissara Umavijani : Notes : Top : Pine needles, sage : Middle : Coumarin, Bourbon vetiver, tobacco : Base : Musk, amber, oakmoss, woody notes

“My first creation was ISSARA. I developed my first perfume to conjure a memory I had of a place with lush green rice fields near the sea and of a gentle breeze blowing through trees. It has a pine tree scent blended with fresh smelling Coumarin and mellow earthy fragrances. I associate it with a wonderful feeling of freedom.” (Pissara Umavijani)

This perfume has grown on me and that’s a good thing. It’s a fougere styled fragrance that instead of feeling fusty and old fashioned, makes a modern yet quirky statement. Cigarettes, tobacco, pine and mint mixed with an abundance of wood are what I notice the most when wearing Issara. The opening can be summed up as smoking cigarettes in the great outdoors under a pine tree, with a sprinkling of herbs for good measure. There is a faint minty quality with a smoky, woody tint that is gently wrapped in a quiet coumarin hush. Issara is definitely the smell of time spent outdoors, but also has an atmospheric feel. It evokes wide green landscapes, cinematically shot with the melancholic voice of James Blake hovering over the scene.  Issara is a solitary scent and while skewing masculine, would also work well for those who like to push boundaries with their fragrances with a nudge to something a little out of the ordinary.

Melodie L'Amour Megan In Sainte Maxime

Melodie De L’Amour Extrait de Parfum : Nose : Pissara Umavijani : Notes : Top : Gardenia, tuberose, honey : Middle : Cedar, musk : Base : Peach, broom, lily of the valley, Indian jasmine

“For Mélodie de l’Amour (the name came from the music of violin that I played, Salut de l’Amour from Edward Edgar along with the poetry of my father, describing love that like a beautiful flower in the room. It is beautiful in itself.” (Pissara Umavijani)

This is the fragrance in the line that first caught my attention at Esxence and in one of my write ups for the event I wrote that Melodie De L’Amour was a “gutsy white floral with honey as a strong couterpoint.” Well I’ll have to say my initial thoughts have changed as Oudh Infini now wins hands down as my favourite of the three. I actually now find Melodie De L’Amour the most challenging of the trio to wear as it has a metallic sheen that doesn’t quite agree with me. It’s a floral that has a bit of a Tubereuse Criminelle shapeshifter twist with a grey tinge shimmering over the beguiling florals.

The opening is very inviting with a bright, lively, fresh floral hue and is unabashedly pretty. The tuberose is raw with a greenish tint. As it wears on my skin the metallic sheen enters and makes it a bit more challenging for me. I think it’s the lily of the valley that is doing this, but I’m not entirely sure, but I do have a difficult time with the note in other perfumes, and have never warmed to its charms.  I believe that my chemistry may be doing unusual things to this perfume after reading other reviews. Perhaps my skin may not be the perfect canvas for this fragrance. I’d describe it as a steely floral on me, but  Melodie  De L’Amour probably works well as a more romantically styled, lush white floral on others.

UPDATE 29 March 2017 : I have realised after trying this perfume again from a bottle (not my original sample) that my sample had turned and Pissara confirmed that this indeed had happened with her first batch. So in all fairness I need to update my thoughts on Melodie L’Amour. 

And now for the good part dear readers : Pissara Umavijani has been very generous and we now have a GIVEAWAY. There are five sets of beautifully packaged travel sprays containing 5mls of each extrait de parfum in a black box. Yes just like the one pictured below and in the main image!


I will post to anywhere in the world. Note that I won’t take responsibility if goods are damaged or lost in transit. However I haven’t had any issues to date sending supplies overseas so fingers crossed it should be fine.

What do you need to do to enter?

  1. You must follow Megan In Sainte Maxime – here on this blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Let me know how you follow in the comments on the blog. If you don’t already follow me, that’s fine, but you must do so to enter.
  2. Answer the question : Which Dusita perfume are you most interested in trying and why?

Entries close on Monday the 27th of June, 10am Paris time. I’ll do a post to announce the winners on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Names will be plucked out a hat, or if there are lots of entries, I’ll use Winners, please contact me via email – see my address in the contact page.

GOOD LUCK! Please feel free to share this post with your perfume friends so they have the chance to win a set.

Read more about Dusita perfumes : on Fragrantica, The Scented Apprentice and Perfumes I Love

For where to purchase : You can buy sample sets (plus poetry) for €30 plus shipping costs depending on region. For Europe €15 , the USA €20 and for Russia, Australia and New Zealand €25. These can be ordered through the Dusita Contact Page or by emailing p.umavijani at g mail . com. (Note that you will need to format this as a regular email address. I’ve written it like this so spam is avoided). The perfumes are also available in a 50ml size. Oudh Infini is priced at €395, while Issara and Melodie De L’Amour are €295.

Notes : Images : All Dusita except perfume sample set : Megan In Sainte Maxime 

Disclaimer : Perfume samples for Dusita. Opinions my own. 

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  1. DDJ says:

    Oudh Infini’s been my dog in the race since I first learned of the brand. Haven’t read anything anywhere to change that. Why? …because I always enjoy the extra depth and complexity that so-called animalic accords add to a scent. Thank you for the opportunity.


  2. I have read your blog and would love to try the Oudh Infini as respect your opinion and love some of the perfumes you talk about and since that is your favourite then I feel confident it being my pick. I have followed you on Facebook. Thank you Megan in Sainte Maxime

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robert H. says:

    Hi! Follow by email, and love reading your posts! Would love to give Dusita a sniff, it’s been on my radar ever since early spring. Of the three my choice would be Melodie L’Amouur because…well…..white floral! I am a total sucker for white florals! Thanks!


  4. Holly says:

    Hi Megan! The backstory of Dusita is so incredibly poignant to me and what a lovely and moving tribute. I’m really looking forward to trying these, as it’s evident that they are created with heárt, soul, intelligence, vision and yearning.

    I’m most interested in Oudh Infini because I like the notes, and I’m up for a bit of oudhy funk any time. 😉

    I follow the blog via email, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for the draw! xo


  5. Hi Megan. I like the sound of Issara. I am a sucker for pine needles. I follow your blog by email and insta. thanks for the opportunity,


  6. Annie Blackmore says:

    Oudh Infini would be my choice too. I love anything with rose and also day to night perfumes. I follow you on Face Book


  7. What a hard task to pick just one. They seem so amazing! But from your description Issara seems to be the one that i would enjoy the must. Altough i would love to try all the tree.

    I’m following you on FB page, i liked it and activated the updates. I didn’t knew about your blog, i enjoyed reading what you wrote 🙂 Congratulations!



  8. Hi Megan – Lovely reviews as always. I am a subscriber to your blog. As for the 3…they all sound incredible, but I am a sucker for white florals…especially Gardenia. Thanks to you both for the draw!


  9. Zartash Hussain says:

    Oudh Infini is the one that has piqued my interest the most. I love oud and in particular perfumes which use real Oud. This sounds perfect for me 🙂

    I follow your blog by email. Thank you for the kind offer.


  10. Hi, Megan! Thanks for hosting this generous draw! I follow you via FB. They all sound fantastic, although I’m keen to get my nose on Oudh Infini.


  11. Hi Megan, I read your blog and follow you on Instagram and Facebook and always love your reviews.
    This is such a generous offer. My choice is Oudh Infini. I am drawn to animalics and am intrigued by your description of its being ‘fiercely natural’. And,,,a drop dead gorgeous rose? Yes please!


  12. Tami Holubar says:

    Hi Megan,
    I have heard many great things about this house! Your reviews were marvelous and Oudh Infini sounds right up my alley as I love sensual scents. Thank you so much for the generous giveaway, I am in the U.S. And I follow you on Facebook & Instagram. Shared!!


  13. poodle says:

    I’d like to try Melodie l’Amour just for the broom note. My broom was very fragrant this spring and I’d love that in a bottle.
    I follow on Twitter.
    Thanks for the draw!


  14. Laura Jan says:

    I am a blog follower and here is my entry! All of these scents sound amazing and I am most interested in Issara. I have always been attracted to the concept of “freedom” – what it means to people in theory and practice. I studied political concepts of freedom in college and have also followed different social experiments in practicing freedom. Not only is Issara an aromatic that leans unisex/masculine, which is one of my favorite scent families, but it has an amazing backstory as the perfumer’s spiritual/aesthetic exploration of freedom in scent. I have got to try this!


    • Hi Laura. I can tell that Issara is going to resonate with you. Pissara really has beautiful concepts for her scents plus they smell great too. You’re entered and good luck.


  15. SunnyDay says:

    I would like to try Oudh Infini based on your beautiful review. I follow by email.


  16. Sun Mi says:

    Based on your review, I’d have to say Oudh Infini sounds stellar. I’ve heard so many good things about this line! I follow via fb.


  17. MJ Moore says:

    Issara sounds fascinating! It reminds me of visiting my family in the mountains of California as a child.

    I follow Twitter (@butterflyrouge)


  18. Hi Megan – i almost missed the drawing *phew*…. I’d love to try them all but Oudh Infini sounds like the one i would love the best – containing all the notes i love. I follow you by email and FB. Thanks to you and Dusita for the draw,


  19. Dearest Megan,

    First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful idea of this RAOK 🙂 I am absolutely happy to know that there are so many people who are interested in the creations. Because of your wonderful writing, their imagination is ignited!

    I would like to also thanks to everyone who participated in this event! It means a lot to me to learn about your interest …. I am working on a new creations and maybe a nice event with Megan will happen soon here! 😀


    • Hi Ploi. Thanks so much for commenting here. I am so happy to give more perfume lovers the chance to experience your work. Plus I’m really interested to smell your next creations and see what you come up with. Exciting news. x Megan


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  22. Steve Riddell says:

    “The mix of florals and oud at the opening is pretty much an ecstatic eye roll back moment for me.”

    Couldn’t agree more in regards to Oudh Infini. My first reaction and certainly every time I anoint!

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