Fragrant Femmes : An Interview With Pissara Umavijani From Dusita

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Today I have a short interview with Pissara Umavijani, the owner and creator of the Dusita Maison de Haute Parfumerie who I met briefly at Esxence back in March. Originally from Thailand, she now lives in Paris and released her perfume trio in Milan at the exhibition. The name Dusita has a very poetic meaning. in Siamese Dusita is a “paradise of pure delight and contentment. A heavenly realm of inner happiness.”  Issara (pine and tobacco), Oudh Infini (oud and flowers) and Melodie L’Amour (white floral) are the first fragrances to grace the collection.  My favourite perfume in the range is Oudh Infini. This is a fabulous oud, and even if you are not usually a fan, this may be the one to make you change your mind. It’s sumptuous, heavenly and incredibly gorgeous.

I emailed Pissara with some questions and she was very kind to take the time to answer them. So read on to discover more about her perfumes, background and creations.

PS : My next post will  feature impressions of all three Dusita perfumes and  thanks to Pissara we’ll have a draw for 2 x travel sets of her perfumes. The chic, black travel sprays are beautifully packaged in a black case that includes 3 x sprays, one of each fragrance. So come back for my next post to read more about the perfumes and for a chance to win them as well.

Melodie L'Amour Megan In Sainte Maxime Issara Megan In Sainte Maxime Oudh Infini Megan In Sainte Maxime

Hello Pissara. What did you do before you launched a perfume brand?

Before living in Paris, I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand with my family. I have worked in several companies, but felt that something was missing, the ‘passion’ was not totally there in a routine life.The first job I had was an actress in a film. At that time, I was still studying in the university, but I got the opportunity, so I took it. After graduation, I worked in a company, it was a job that I could do, but I did not feel any ‘passion’, the feeling of happiness that urges me to do more, to work more and put my efforts into it. Passion is important in life, so I set a goal for myself, I will find the job that I am passionate about and I won’t feel the need to work, because it would come automatically.

What lured you into the world of perfume?

It is interesting to have a retrospect, what fascinated me. My passion for smelling began as a child. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand in a beautiful house with a big tropical garden. Exploring the garden and smelling the soil, the grass after the rain and all the exotic flowers like a lotus blossom, frangipani, jasmine, Pandan leaves, and Champaca flowers are the activities I love to do. It felt so peaceful in that garden and nature’s fragrances gave me a wonderful sense of tranquility.

The smells of that house and garden have remained close to my heart as powerful childhood memories. The olfactory of my father, who was a poet and collected old books, every time I smell the old books, I think of him.

Who is the perfumer for Dusita?

I am the only perfumer of the brand. Being able to create everything on my own gives a sense of freedom and creativity. That freedom is also the reason why I have created the brand.  It all started when I began to collect old bottles of perfumes from the antique shops. I found the ancient perfumes fascinating because the beauty of materials and the arts of creation. I began to read more and more about the perfume houses in the past. They became my teachers for perfume creation. I started building my own little palette at home (ordering materials everywhere through websites). I would order all the books, natural perfumery, modern perfumery, niche perfume books. At that time, I just do it with my pure passion.

What sort of feeling did you want to create with your perfumes for your customers?

My ultimate goal is to deliver a unique scent of happiness that the clients can individually interpret in their own definition. They perceived the creative blends that represent themselves, with ultimate quality that becomes a part of their lives.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I truly believe that inspirations   come from everywhere, every moment in life, if our mind is quiet enough to listen and observe what is around us. Personally, nature and poetry are the main part of my inspiration. I can translate these two into colors, patterns, music, and eventually, another perfume creation!


Tell us a little about your father (Montri Umavijani) and how his poems have inspired your work.

My father spent all of his life being a poet, translator, and a university professor. I could say that he had the courage to live the life out of passion, his deep understanding of international literatures and an ability to express himself through poetic words. He is someone who has a great impact on my life.

His poems inspired my work in a different way. Sometimes, when I am alone in Paris and I think of him, I would read his work. His words remind me of his presence when he was alive.

In what ways does your Asian background influence your perfumes?

I would say the world of alimentation influenced the way I smell. Thai food is very aromatic and to cook well is to be able to have a good nose, choosing between one ingredient to another. For the perfumery, my creations are the mix between French savoir faire

Tell us about your favourite smells in nature.

I would like to quote my favorite book, Walden.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” Henry David Thoreau

My favorite smell of nature is the simple wet soil after the rain. The earthy aroma reminds us how rich the life is and how we should be close to our root because, after all, we are the products of the earth.

What are the perfumes that inspire you?

There are so many perfumes that inspired me. There are a few that, the moment I smelled them, I got completely transported into another world! They are:

  1. Vintage Joy by Patou (It made me realise the true meaning of Joy)

  2. Vintage Bandit by Robert Piquet

  3. Vintage Narcisse Noir by Caron

What do you see in the future for Dusita?

It started from having a clearer vision of how we want Parfums Dusita to be: an eclectic mix of French traditional perfumery and oriental philosophy (l’arte de vivre). By creating the complete palette of high quality of extrait de parfums and eau de parfum in the luxury market.

We aim to be a globally known company with a passion for creativity, exceptional quality and poetic presentation which is infused throughout all aspects of the business.

How will your range evolve?

We will release the new fragrances for the olfactory palette no more than 2-3 fragrances per year. Moreover, we will also extend the product lines! You will be the first to know!

Thank you Pissara for your answers to these questions.

I really enjoyed reading her responses and getting to understand some of the passion behind her creations.

And remember to come back for my next post where you can find out more about her perfumes and also have a chance to win them too.

Notes : All images from Dusita

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  1. Hi Megan – all these scents sound amazing – i have heard so much about them lately and it is all positive. Perhaps i will get the chance to try them soon. It was lovely to hear about Pissara’s background etc.

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    • I am totally grateful for Megan for giving me the opportunity and creating such a great article.


    • Hi Pats. Well make sure you come back and you’ll have a good chance to win. Pissara is actually sending me more sets for the draw as well. I really liked her answers. Thanks for reading.


  2. DDJ says:

    It’s a shame that I can find no place to buy them. There is no stocklist or e-store on her site. Does anyone know if she sells directly or has any retail outlets? (Yes, I’ve emailed her directly also.)

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  3. Dear DDJ, it will be available soon (within a month) I will definitely answer your email 🙂 …the boutique will be Jovoy Paris as priority. Thank you so much for the interest.


    • DDJ says:

      Pissara, What a surprise. Thank you. A month passes so quickly … I look forward to experiencing your work and wish you all the best moving forward toward more new creations.

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      • definitely DDJ 🙂 a month can pass so fast 😀 but won’t be too long. Thanks again for your kind support!


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