Life In France : Perfume Advertising About Town

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In my teeny town perfume advertising is a mainstay. Yesterday on the walk to school I noticed the now classic Terre d’Hermes on display in one of the newly widened streets – desert, horse and bare chested man. Charlize Theron is glammed up in sparkly gold for the new J’Adore Lumiere EDT that looks to be apale pink in colour, although I haven’t yet tried it. Julia Roberts is also frequently seen about town with that HUGE smile for La Vie Est Belle, the best selling feminine fragrance in France for two years running now. I smelt three mums wearing this around the school gates. It has what can only be described as massive tooth aching sillage.

Charlize for Dior Megan In Sainte Maxime

The perfumes that get the old school advertising treatment are from the large companies with huge budgets and surprise surprise also typically feature amongst the best selling perfumes in France. You can check out the top selling masculine and feminines for 2015 and the top 10 feminine perfumes from  2014 in France and I’ll guarantee that they’ve all been showcased on the television or on outdoors advertising,  print, internet, youtube etc.

How about in your village, town, city? Does your neighbourhood see perfume billboards?

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  1. I can’t remember when I saw a perfume add anywhere on the street. Those are not present in our suburbia definitely but even in San Francisco it’s not something that jumps at you.


    • Undina I’m always surprised that there is advertising in my tiny town. I’d expect it in San Francisco but not here although I suppose France is the home of Dior, Chanel and Hermes and they are the ads I usually see around.

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